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A minor overhaul of the Meltdown perk, to bring its workings under control and actually work as described. Should be a more interesting option to take for high crit builds.

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Meltdown Upgrade

The Meltdown perk was sloppily implemented into the game, to the point it feels like a dangerous gimmick. It does not trigger "every time you vaporize or melt a target" like the load screen says, and as I would have expected. Instead, it places a plasma mine explosion on any enemy you kill with ANY energy weapon. The explosion can actually be changed in the Default Object Manager, but that's not even the main problem, it's that it has no qualms about damaging friend or foe, or even yourself. It ends up being an uncontrollable perk feature, causing more harm than good.

So to bring it in line, I've done some simple changes:

* Meltdown requirement is now 90 Energy Weapons and Plasma Spaz perk.

* Meltdown's explosion now uses a bright, blue flash explosion, which is a lot more similar to the "corona of harmful energy" described in it. I know, I know, you want personalized explosions for each and every weapon type, like that old as dirt Meltdown Medley mod. Well, honestly, how badly do you need that gimmick anyways? So no, it's one explosion type here, but you'll like it better than the original. It also has a force (not damage) of 0 so it will not move corpses nor stuff around when it happens.

* This explosion can only happen if and when the target gets disintegrated/vaporized/anything that causes it to actually end up as a pile of dust or bones. Plus, as a compromise, also when the target bursts into chunks from the Flamer and other fire weapons' critical death effect. So you now need some investment in critical chance to get the most use of the perk. Or simply to sneak around more when attacking with energy beams, that's always effective. So it won't trigger with e.g. gauss rifles anymore, but on the plus side it can now trigger for plasma grenades, or mods changing Energy Weapons into other skills (like Big Guns). It also works with new disintegration effects from EVE.

* The explosion is linked to you, and is considered to be caused by the weapon you used to cause the disintegration. This means that it can potentially score more critical hits on other targets, causing more disintegrations, and more meltdowns! Or even if it doesn't, each meltdown explosion will still cause a base 150 blast damage in up to an 8ft radius, modified by your weapon skill and perks like Splash Damage. So Meltdown can be very deadly indeed.

* A new feature to buff the perk is added, dubbed "rampage". Every disintegrated target will temporarily increase your critical chance, making it more likely to score further meltdowns. By default, every disintegration gives you +5% critical chance for 10 seconds. This timer resets when you score a disintegration before it ends, piling up the bonus up to 50%. 
A UI message is displayed every time the rampage counter goes up or down, to help keep track. The icon for the notifications was made by LOC the Icon Guy.

* Companions are also able to cause Meltdowns once the player has the perk, to make up for the option in lStewieAI's Tweaks. Meltdown explosions from companions are safeguarded just like the player's, but companions don't gain the rampage buff.

* And finally, Meltdown now has smart targeting to avoid getting innocent bystanders harmed by it. The Meltdown explosions will lower their blast radius to avoid hitting you, your companions, or any non-combatant inside it. So you can now pick the perk safe in the knowledge that Meltdown is under control.

Install/Uninstall without worries. Check out the config file to manage some of the features.