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Allows characters to equip Recon Armor under their Power Armor. Works on the player, followers, and all NPCs.

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Allows characters to equip Recon Armor under their Power Armor. The mod works with the player, followers, and all NPCs.

In order to equip Power Armor (either all Power Armor, or only T-45d models. Configured in ini file), any actor needs a suit of Recon Armor or a Helmet (this can be configured in the ini to be optional). NPCs that start the game with Power Armor are automatically given recon armor(with faction dependent versions if you are using TTW). This effects all NPCs, including those added by mods.

When Power Armor is equipped, the actors Recon Armor is automatically switched with an identical version without an Object Effect or Model, that can't be unequipped (Object Effects can be preserved while wearing power armor. Configured in ini file). When the actor unequips their Power Armor, if they don't immediately equip another set, the Under Armor will be replaced with the original Recon Armor. The Recon Armor will be equipped if the actor did not equip anything else when unequipping their Power Armor.


  • Fully compatibility with all NPCs, in vanilla, DLC, TTW, and all mods
  • Compatible with all instances of actors being given Power Armor in the base game and TTW (with optional patch), such as the player at the end of the Brotherhood quest line, or Arcade and the Remnants at the end of their quest
  • Can give unique Recon Armors depending on faction. For instance Lyons' Pride and Outcast Recon Armors will be given out to appropriate NPCs if using TTW
  • Option to only affect T-45d style armors, or all Power Armor (defaults to only T-45d)
  • Option to require Recon Armor to equip Power Armor (defaults to on)
  • Option to apply Recon Armors Object Effect while wearing Power Armor (defaults to off)
  • Option to multiply the carry weight of Recon Armors while worn under Power Armor (defaults to off)

Requirements & Compatibility

  • Requires version 6.2.8 (or higher) of xNVSE
  • Requires version 56.68 (or higher) of JIP LN NVSE
  • Requires version 4.80 (or higher) of JohnnyGuitar NVSE
  • DLC and TTW armors are automatically added to the correct lists, and are fully supported without any extra work. An additional patch is needed for TTW, in order to edit the scripts for some NPC's who are given Power Armor after they spawn. With this patch Sentinel Lyons will give the player Recon Armor as well as Power Armor before Take it Back (the player can also choose to only take the Recon Armor, or not take anything at all). This patch is found in the optional files section
  • Fallout 4 Power Armor Features is recommended. The carry weight feature automatically carries the Recon Armor from this mod if it is being worn, the Scorched Sierra Power Helmet optional is automatically added to my lists if it is used, and it has many other cool PA related features
  • ySI - Sorting Ycons is supported. All Under Armors in the mod are patched to used the same Icon as Recon Armor
  • This mod will not function properly with Handheld Pip-boy mods, unless they make use of Handheld Fixes and YAPR
  • Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision & Advanced Recon Stealth Armor are automatically patched to add their armors into the recon armors lists. Most of the armors and helmets from these mods can be used as Recon Armors. Advanced Recon Patches is also recommended for additional mod patches
  • Project Nevada & Project Nevada - Extra Options are automatically patched. However these mods are outdated and not recommended.
  • Powered Power Armor & Dunk's Adventure have some basic support. However these mods are outdated and not recommended.
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