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A successor to Benny Humbles You, this mod takes all the player's gear when they enter the Mojave, locks it in a safe in the Tops Presidential Suite, and gives Benny the key. A vanilla flavored way to get back your gear, without getting it too early. Includes Mojave starting gear overhaul, and two perks.

Permissions and credits
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Benny Humbles You is fantastic, and super important to a TTW build that still involves the player engaging with the Mojave's early game. Even with Weapon Requirements System (highly recommended) I still felt that my gear was way too good in the early game. OREO improved upon that by obfuscating the player's gear to Primm, and behind skill requirements, but I wanted something that was more about Benny, the guy who shot me and had the unimaginable opportunity to loot a player character. 
As in the original, the level, skill, and karma resets are all optional, and a number of new config options have been added. The perk removal option has been removed, due to intense difficulty in attempting to ensure proper and smooth functionality for all perk situations.

Steals Your Stuff conveys, by means of an off screen lackey, your gear to a locked (by key) safe in the Tops Presidential Suite. To get your gear back, track Benny down and take they key off him, one way or another.

(*optional) (default option)
  • Your companions are fired on the transition, to avoid the exploit of just giving them your stuff.
  • If you use PTWB's Loot Assist, there is a setting that will transfer your stash contents to the safe as well. The file works just fine if Loot Assist is turned off.*
  • If you use Dynamic Level Stat Choice, there are settings to reset your tracked level and chosen stat bonuses. The file works just fine if Dynamic Level Stat Choice is not used.*
  • Power Armor Training may be removed specifically, separate from other perk settings.*
  • Your skill can be reduced in one of three ways:
    Complete reset - All your skills will be reduced to the values you had before gaining your first level.
    Flat reduction - All your skills will be reduced by a configurable amount across the board.
    Level based - All of your skills will be reduced by the level you are when you flip the train switch. For example, if you're level 21 when you flip the train switch, each skill will be reduced by 21.
  • The Humbled perk from the original mod has been changed to a flat +15% xp gain.*
    You can get this perk independently from or along with the Head Trauma perk. There are two versions of it: Temporary, and Permanent.
  • The temporary version of the Head Trauma perk is a substantial debuff to:
    Health recovery, weapon spread, attack, reload, run and equip speed, AP recovery speed, and aiming movement speed.
    AP regen penalty is x.65/.75/.9 until level 5/10/15, gun spread penalty is x1.35/x1.25/x1.1, and all other penalties are -10% until level 15.
    There's no bonuses, just a debuff. This option obviously requires use of the reset level ini option.
    This is intended to sort of debuff you in secondary ways to reduce your overall power level during the early game.
  • The permanent version of the Head Trauma is more dynamic, but much, much more severe:
    Four of your SPECIAL stats are reduced by 1. You will be able to choose which three are spared.
    (This stat change may be configured to be permanent or temporary.)
    All of your non tagged skills will be reduced by 5 permanently.
    Additionally, your max health, health recovery, spread, attack, reload, run and equip speed, AP, and AP recovery speed will all be reduced.
    This is a very substantial debuff, but you can reverse some of the effects! Receiving the Brainless perk from Old World Blues will cure the SPECIAL point reduction.
  • There is a function I added to quickly get to the train transition: put call BHYQuickNVStart into the console to be teleported straight to the train switch and get a ticket for free.
  • Your starting gear that Doc gives you has also been overhauled, since you're not getting your old gear at that point.
    Here's the stuff you might get:

    It's all balanced for the early game, to be SPECIAL/tag skill dynamic, and generally be items that Benny and his cohorts reasonably may have skipped looting off your body.
    NOTE: The current gear chart is outdated.
  • In contrast to the raison dêtre of this mod, you can actually toggle off the gear stealing! Optionally, you can also keep holdout weapons only.

JIP LN, xNVSE, Johnny, the usual stuff.

There are a few things that can cause issues:
Almost Perfect is a horribly balanced, overpowered perk that breaks the character recreation sequence in Doc Mitchell's house entirely. I don't recommend it for balance, even without this mod. As such, a small file has been included to hide it and prevent it's selection. This does not fix the perk causing issues if you already have it.

Regular installation.
Strongly recommended for use with Vanilla SWEEP or My Esp-Free Nail Gun Tweak or any other sane nail gun rebalance that makes it a tier 1 weapon.

Incompatible with Practice Makes Perfect.

There's a change in the changelog that I'm not seeing!
Check the version number vs the one that's currently available. Listing changes in the main descriptions and changelogs as they happen is the only way you're gonna get thorough info, I'll forget otherwise.
Why is Lucky in the starting gear list?
Lucky was placed here, because it's generally acquirable by the time you find a .44 and a decent supply of ammo for it, sort of making it unappealing, and because it doesn't really make any sense, build-wise, to max your luck in the character creation, since there's clothes and implants that can increase it. Lucky was provided for the theming, at a low condition, as a reward for players who do max their luck out right away.
Put the key somewhere to just find without talking to Benny?
I don't really want to.
Do skill book increases get lost too?
Does the mod do ___ during any transition after the very first one?
This mod does not do anything beyond the very first transition from DC to NV. It does not affect any further transitions, nor does it affect the transition if you go from NV to DC first, and in that case, it will not do anything when you then go back to NV afterwards.
Is the original mod a requirement?
Where did the perk removal setting go?
It has always been imperfect, buggy, and problematic, so I have disabled it. It will not be returning.
Pretty please, I really really want the perk reset setting?
If you add bCompletelyUnsupportedPerkRemovalBugReportsAndPostsWillBeDeleted=1 line to your config ini, perk removal will occur on transition. As the config value's name states, this setting is completely unsupported and all bug reports and posts about it will be deleted. There is a warning that occurs in game when the perks are removed as well. You've been warned.

Demorome did the entire original Benny Humbles You mod.
ItsMeJesusHChrist did the original humbling icon.
Falkrun provided feedback about the way the notes could be adjusted to fit in with the game's writing style better.
Do whatever.

If you'd like to support my modding work or say thanks, feel free to donate via the Nexus or here at Ko-Fi.