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A subsidiary variant of Benny Humbles You, this mod takes all the player's gear when they enter the Mojave, locks it in a safe in the Tops Presidential Suite, and gives Benny the key. A vanilla flavored way to get back your gear, without getting it too early. Includes Mojave starting gear overhaul, and two perks.

Permissions and credits
Benny Humbles You is fantastic, and super important to a TTW build that still involves the player engaging with the Mojave's early game. Even with Weapon Requirements System (highly recommended) I still felt that my gear was way too good in the early game. OREO improved upon that by obfuscating the player's gear to Primm, and behind skill requirements, but I wanted something that was more about Benny, the guy who shot me and had the unimaginable opportunity to loot a player character. 

Steals Your Stuff conveys, by means of an off screen lackey, your gear to a locked (by key) safe in the Tops Presidential Suite. To get your gear back, track Benny down and take they key off him, one way or another.

The Humbled perk from the original mod has been changed to a flat +25% xp gain. You can get this perk independently, or along with, the Head Trauma perk:
The Head Trauma perk, is a substantial debuff to health recovery, weapon spread, attack, reload, run and equip speed, AP recovery speed, and aiming movement speed. AP regen x.65/.75/.9 until level 5/10/15, gun spread x1.35/x1.25/x1.1, all others -10% until level 15. There's no bonuses, just a debuff. This option obviously requires use of the reset level ini option.

All you need is the main file, "Benny Humbles You and Steals Your Stuff".
Strongly recommended for use with S6S Scripted Weapon Tweaks or My Esp-Free Nail Gun Tweak or any other sane nail gun rebalance that makes it a tier 1 weapon.

Tops Presidential Suite Money Safe by Deltagamer163 was used as a template for the location of the safe. I eventually scrubbed their locking script, renamed all the references, tweaked the placement of the safe ever so slightly, and made it a regular safe instead of the OWB safe. This means that if you use both mods at the same time, the two safes will overlap.

The following notes are placed into the character's inventory at the start of the game, and the gear safe, respectively:
"Note From a Stranger"

"Lucky Strike"

The gear safe also has 130 caps added to it.

In addition to the player rebalancing at the wasteland transition, I've also overhauled the starting gear you'll be receiving instead of your previous equipment. It's intended to be a balanced set of starter gear, that's fun to use, thematically appropriate for your tagged skills, generally not too strong, and a set of equipment that Benny and his cohorts might conceivably have not bothered to loot from you.

Starting Gear:

Junk/bulk ammo has been chosen for many lists, both to wear down your weapon condition further, pushing you more toward the Mojave's early game item economy, and as an abstraction, based on the idea that being buried with you screwed with your ammo.

Lucky was placed here, because it's generally acquirable by the time you find a .44 and a decent supply of ammo for it, sort of making it unappealing, and because it doesn't really make any sense, build-wise, to max your luck in the character creation, since there's clothes and implants that can increase it. Lucky was provided for the theming, at a low condition, as a reward for players who do max their luck out right away.

Compatible with any mod other than the tops presidential suite safe, including ones that touch Benny's entries.

Demorome did the entire original Humbles You mod.
 did the original humbling icon. They do great icons, if you're not using Consistent Pip Boy Icons, you should be.
Falkrun for their feedback about the way the notes should be written to fit in with the game's writing style better.