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An Oblivion-esque vampire system + race.

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W a s t e l a n d   V a m p i r i s m
 an Oblivion-esque vampire system  
🦇 inspired by World of Darkness 🦇

Lightweight and 
takes advantage of existing systems.

Adds the Wasteland Vampirism trait. Console command on running saves: showtraitmenu
Adds a vampire custom race with fangs + feral H2H animations if you have kNVSE. You do not need to use the custom race, the trait will work on any.

Gorging yourself on blood (feeding fruition) will net an XP award, whether it is from feeding on the deceased or living.
Living creatures you kill will have blood in their inventory. The type of blood depends on the creature. Portable bloodpacks will also work.
Sleeping NPCs can be fed on through sneaking for a bigger hydration and XP bonus. You can stop/cancel feeding by moving backwards (don't let anyone catch you feeding on them).
Food and drink have no positive effect on appetite, and only dehydration increases. Other food effects still apply.

The Fast Metabolism perk increases healing potency from feeding.
The Ghastly Scavenger perk removes mutated blood deficiencies and prevents vomiting.
The Tribal Wisdom perk increases the effectiveness of animal blood.
What Dark Gifts await you? New perks have been implemented to augment your trek through the night. 
1. Vampiric Reflexes: This perk provides the vampire with a brief Turbo (slow time) effect when using its associated *Vampiric Reflexes item (accessible via apparel menu).
  • If moving left or right when initially using *Vampiric Reflexes, you will ghost jump/dodge and bullets will seemingly whizz right passed you.
  • There is a minor needs cost per use. (This dodge mechanic is almost identical to the one provided in Ghostification)
2Ravenous ShadowLegends say you're unable to trespass, but for you that's only a half-truth! Suffer major penalties to your combat abilities while trespassing, but practice caution to reap the rewards of that sweet, oblivious blood. (credit: EternalParalysis)
  • While trespassing, -30DR and -25AP, +100 Sneak skill and tripled feeding bonus.
3The BeastYou have stopped trying to suppress the beast. Now you embrace it.
You're bigger, stronger, and harder to kill, but the frenzied look in your eye tends to make even your own kind uncomfortable around you. And you might want to forget about that sun tan. (credit: EternalParalysis)
  • +5 STR and +5 END, -7 CHA and constantly at Bloodstarved 5.
4Blood Rage: Toggleable Unarmed and Melee Damage and DT boosts (+15) at the cost of rapid dehydration while toggled (accessible via Apparel menu). (credit: EternalParalysis)

. Vampiric AtrophyYour undead body no longer need fear the effects of poison.
  • Your Poison Resistance is raised to 100%.
6. Deep AbsorptionTea and coffee may alleviate the drowsiness of mortals, but you have discovered a way to accomplish a similar effect through blood.
  • Feeding now restores some of your Sleep Deprivation (Hardcore) stat.

  • Stay hydrated out there!

Wasteland Vampirism

TheGamer  | GameRant | SportsUnfold | GGRECON | GFINITY

  • Water breathing
  • Increased jump height
  • Increased aerial maneuverability
  • Fall damage immunity
  • Ignore 10% target DT
  • +100 health
  • +30% poison resistance
  • -20% aim spread
  • +10 unarmed & melee damage
  • +10 DT
  • +100 carry weight (Not in daylight.)
  • +1/s health recovery (Not in daylight, up to stage 4 and increased dehydration rate.)
  • +1/s radiation recovery (Not in daylight, up to stage 5 and increased dehydration rate.)
  • +50 action points (Not in power armor.)
  • -100 Fire Resistance


Sunlight RADs will cause the face to flash in shades of red, similar to Oblivion vampires at stage 2.
Starting at stage 4, sunlight will catch the vampire on fire when not submerged.
Vampires are light-sensitive when under the effects of sunlight (screen effect).

//🌤//Power Armor
  • Constant sunlight RADs 1/s
🌧//🌤//Power Armor
  • Late morning/midday sunlight RADs +3/s 
  • -20% DR
  • -4 Strength
  • -4 Endurance

Bloodstarved Stages (Hardcore):
Stage 2: 200-399 (minor dehydration)
-50 sunlight RADs resistance, -1 Charisma, -1 Endurance, -10 Damage Resistance
Stage 3: 400-599 (advanced dehydration)
-100 sunlight RADs resistance, -2 Charisma, -2 Endurance, -15 Damage Resistance
Stage 4: 600-799 (critical dehydration)
-150 sunlight RADs resistance, -2 Charisma, -3 Endurance, -20 Damage Resistance
†† Stage 5: 800+ (deadly dehydration)
-200 sunlight RADs resistance, -3 Charisma, -3 Endurance, -2 Intelligence, -25 Damage Resistance

JIP NVSE Plugin for checking weather and editing game settings in-game.
ShowOff xNVSE Plugin for checking whether it is day/night time that newer weather mods will likely make use of.

Hair Patcher Two automatically gives the custom vampire race access to mod-added cosmetics.
Apachii Hair for some fantastic hairstyle options.
Prim's Eye Retexture covers the eyes assigned to the vampire race, and look great.
Safehouse for a Suckhead or A Neonate's Nest - put a familiar setting in your familiar setting.
Desert Natural Weathers & True Weathers TTW because constant sunlight bad.
DUST Survival Simulator: With the sun blotted out, it is you the Wasteland denizens will fear.