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Transform the originally planked bungalow in Novac into a functional, upgradeable player home. Enter to a ruined, abandoned bungalow and transform it into a completely restored and improved home by buying upgrades from Cliff.

Permissions and credits
The previously blocked bungalow in Novac is now a potential player home, waiting for someone to settle in and turn that wreckage of a place into a cozy home.

Ownership: The key is obtained by buying it from Jeannie May for 2000 caps, or from her safe if she's dead.

Displays: Regardless of upgrades, snow globes will be automatically displayed once they've been displayed at the Lucky 38 too. some DLC-related items and snow globes will be displayed as soon as you complete the respective DLC, for that you will have to interact with the bookcase in front of the entrance door.

Upgrades: Without any upgrade, the bungalow offers a fridge, range which is a campfire crafting station, an old bed (doesn't give the Well Rested perk), a rusty sink that provides slightly irradiated water, and overall very little in terms of storage.
It's also notably dirty. You can clean the bungalow by interacting with the broom located beside the fridge. You'll need 3 Abraxo Cleaners to wipe the stains on the floor and clear the junk of the bedroom and living room areas, and 8 Abraxo Cleaners + 5 Detergent Boxes to clean the heavily stained bathroom.

There are 11 upgrades in total, all of which must be bought from Cliff at his Gift's Shop, for better reference remember to see the images too:

  • Workshop Upgrade - Workbench: Adds a workbench and dedicated storage, from which you'll have the option to craft using the items inside them and sort items into them too, or craft as usual with the items in your inventory.
  • Workshop Upgrade - Reloading Bench: Adds a reloading bench and dedicated storage with the same features as the workbench.
  • Kitchen Upgrade - Range & Dining Table: Replaces the old, rusty range with a new, clean one and dedicated storage. Like the old one, this is also a campfire crafting station and shares the same sorting and crafting-from-containers feature as the reloading bench and the workbench. Includes a dining table and chairs.
  • Kitchen Upgrade - Fridge: Replaces the old, rusty fridge with a new and clean one.
  • Kitchen Upgrade - Sink: Replaces the old, rusty sink with a clean one that provides clean water as well.
  • Bathroom Upgrade - Repair: Repairs the toilet, sink, and bathtub. The sink now provides clean water.
  • Bedroom Upgrade - Bed: Replaces the old, uncomfortable bed with a new one that may grant the Well Rested perk.
  • Furniture Upgrade - Extra Storage: Adds several new containers and lockers through the bungalow.
  • Furniture Upgrade - Livingroom: Replaces the old/broken furniture with new ones and adds some more (desk, shelves, tables, couch, etc.).
  • Furniture Upgrade - Bedroom: Replaces the old/broken furniture with new ones (replaces old dresser with two new ones, shelves, lamps, etc.).
  • Bungalow Upgrade - Repair Structure: Repairs the walls and changes the tapestry, floor, and roof.

Crafting from containers: All crafting stations will give you the option to craft with the ingredients it finds on its dedicated containers, craft as usual with the items in your inventory, or sort items into their respective containers. If you craft from containers, all items from the used crafting station's dedicated containers will be pulled from them and made available, then sorted back into them once you're done. The crafted items are sorted into the respective containers too. If the item crafted or used in crafting is not recognized or set to a specific container then it'll be given directly to you. In the case of the reloading bench, almost all misc items are sorted into a metal box to its right, I made it this way so brass and aluminum from my mod ACE are sorted there together as well. Workbench sorting works a little differently, I'd recommend reading the contents of the spoiler tag below at least about the workbench sorting.

Details on recognized items and how the sorting works on the spoiler tag below.

All DLC except Courier's Stash
xNVSE 6.1+
JohnnyGuitar NVSE Plugin

This mod is incompatible with any other mod that uses the originally planked bungalow in Novac, like Willow, for example.

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