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Makes the idle animations for crippled limbs come through in situations where the game cannot pick them correctly like when the damage comes from an explosion. Also makes NPCs get some more debuffs from crippling like the player does

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Crippled Limb Reaction Enforcer

I dunno if you guys noticed, but the animations that normally play when you cripple an enemy's limb do not happen in some situations. Namely, if an explosion is what cripples the limb, for example.

So I WILL bore you with the details:
  • Limb crippling anims can now play on explosions, or whenever a valid hit location isn't available, to pick up the slack of the idle manager.
  • This includes the player character. You might find you can't switch between 1st and 3rd person view while you are crippled, which is intended since otherwise the animation can be ended by this.
  • The player suffers from a -4 PER debuff when your head gets crippled, which other actors don't. This mod can make this debuff apply to all other actors as well.
  • This mod can also apply a speed debuff to creatures without "hurt" locomotion anims, when their legs get crippled.
  • Explosions can continue staggering actors with a crippled torso, as per the iCombatCrippledTorsoHitStaggerChance (50% by default).
  • Actors with crippled arms can continue dropping their weapon when an attack hits them there gain.
  • Gives a generic stagger anim to some creatures that were lacking one, so they can be stunned on crippling their limbs and when hitting their crippled torso.

That's it, that wasn't too bad, right?
Reason is that explosions don't cause a GetHitLocation update on actors, so the idle manager cannot choose an anim to play in such situations.
But I bypassed the idle manager by using JIP's handler for crippled limbs. If a limb on the actor gets crippled and a valid hit location cannot be determined, the script will pick and play a suitable anim now, if the actor isn't knocked out or under the "ignore negative effects" actor value.

I had to make a looong script to check for all of the vanilla anims for NPCs and creatures. I don't know of mods adding new creatures with custom model paths, but they won't work with this system. Anims have to be referenced directly for them to be played.

For the optional NPC crippled head debuff, insects with antennae suffer the debuff when either their head or "brain" limb get crippled. Securitrons are a special case and they get the debuff only when their tiny "antenna" is crippled. Scorpions are another special case since their "head" limb is actually their tail, so they suffer the debuff when their torso is crippled instead.

Creatures don't use the game settings that affect humanoid actors' speed when either of their legs get crippled. Instead, they need to have movement animations under a "locomotion\hurt" folder that will be used in such a circumstance. But some creatures are missing those, so I resorted to altering their SpeedMult AV to simulate this. These creatures now loose 15% movement speed when having either set of legs cripped, and 25% when having both. Creatures that use a single "leg", like the Mister Gutsy, loose 25% speed when it's crippled. A special case is the Brahmin, which has hurt walk anims but not run ones, so the speed debuff is only applied when they run.