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Fixes the fatigue-dealing weapons to deal correct and damage-adjusted fatigue to enemies (or you). Introduces effects for the otherwise unremarkable Legion Assault perk. And changes the Cattle Prod into an automatic melee weapon.

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Boxing Fatigue Fix and Tweaks

In the vanilla game there are four melee weapons with an intended "less than lethal" use to knock out the target: Boxing Tape, Boxing Gloves (and the unique Golden Gloves) and the Cattle Prod. They cause damage in their weapon script, which is less than ideal because of kill counts and blahblahblah... you know what I'm about. This mod does the following:

Scripts are removed from these weapons, also so as to overwrite and revert changes by other mods such as YUP (don't worry kiddos I know what I'm doing). Instead, a handler script now, well, handles how these weapons affect the target. They will do fatigue damage against conscious, organic targets, otherwise for robots and knocked out targets they will deal bonus health damage instead. This damage is now weighted against the weapon's regular damage just like the game's own calculations (probably), so you will deal additional fatigue damage from skill, perks, in critical hits, etc.

  • Bare Fist attacks now deal a base 10 fatigue to the awake and 2 extra HP to knocked out targets. This only works for human/NPC attacks, not those from creatures since those tend to bite, rip and tear more than punch. I'm occasionally seeing bare fist attacks do fatigue damage without this mod, I'm suspecting foul play by some leftover Oblivion gamesettings but I haven't been able to trigger it consistently...
  • Boxing Tape now does 20 fatigue damage to the awake and 5 extra HP to the knocked out. In my view, this weapon is unlike boxing gloves in that it ought to be the bare minimum you wear for a "100% Unarmed" setup, since you can't get attack speed bonuses if only using completely bare fists. So I've removed its 20% penalty to baseline attack speed compared to bare fists, plus...
  • There's also an issue with power attack criticals that makes it so that when performed with an unarmed weapon, these are potentially less damaging than when performed with bare fists. To sum up a very long and weird story, a power attack critical triples an unarmed weapon's regular damage, but quadruples a bare fist's damage. Boxing Tape starts to lag behind in damage compared to bare fists at an Unarmed skill level of around 50, and the issue is only overcome by weapons with a minimum of 9 damage + 9 crit. damage or so. Therefore, a simple perk adds additional damage to your power attack criticals with boxing tape to avoid this.
  • Boxing Gloves do 35 fatigue if awake, 10 extra HP if not. Golden Gloves up that to 50/20. These weapon's regular HP damage does suffer from the above when compared to bare fists and are left as such, because they are indeed specialty "weapons" to quickly knock someone out instead of pummeling them to death. Or should be...
  • The Cattle Prod has been changed into an automatic weapon, handled very much like the Ripper. It does 50 fatigue damage if awake and 20 extra HP if not per second, but weighted by the target's resistance to electricity damage. This weapon breaks down very, very fast, but it is cheap and can knock out anyone in seconds, and turn them into charred meat when their lights are out, so I think it balances out. Besides, it's supposedly a tool intended for nudging brahmins into compliance, not for roasting people inside-out.

When the target is knocked out by these weapons, their fatigue value will be dropped to the intended fMinFatigue gamesetting (-30 by default), and they'll remain K.O. until their fatigue rises above 0. By default this is 30 seconds, which I viewed as just too long. I've tentatively risen the fatigue recovery rate on all actors from 1/sec to 3/sec, so that these fatigue draining and knockout effects are less overpowered, and a regular knockout should last a consistent 10 seconds (you may be thankful if your character ends up K.O. himself).

  • This mod also changes the critical effect from the Sonic Emitter - Opera Singer. In the vanilla game, this only triggered when the target dies to burst him into a bloody mess, which is not specially useful compared to the other sonic emitters. The Opera Singer can now also affect living targets in its critical hits by instantly crippling the limb it hits, or by completely breaking their weapon and making them drop it if you shoot it. A bit more useful.

Finally, this mod adds a working effect for the Legion Assault perk you can learn from Praetorian Guard chief Lucius. You may be surprised, but in my tests this perk offers nothing, other than a different animation, compared to the other regular power attacks and unarmed special perks. So I've made up new effects for it, in the hopes you may agree. A Legion Assault power attack will make your target drop his weapon, if the weapon is not of the Unarmed kind, and if you manage to hit either the weapon itself (duh), the right arm, or the left arm if he's holding a 2-handed weapon.
But going for the head is even better. The Legion Assault will always cripple the head if you hit there, making the target drop his weapon, and can even score an immediate K.O. It will always knockout the target in a critical head hit, else it can also knockout with a random chance depending on the target's remaining health, and with a bonus for sucker punches from the target's back. I think these are fitting effects for a Legion combat doctrine of overpowering a ranged enemy in melee.

This mod conflicts with other mods changing the 5 weapons mentioned above. A patch is provided for WMX, YUP changes are NOT needed since this is an upgrade to them. Other than that, FNVEdit may be your best chance to spot and resolve conflicts.