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Fixes ammo scripts and "bean bag" fatigue effects to avoid their pitfalls, using handy JIP LN scripting to fool-proof their workings.

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Ammo Script Fixes
Partially included in Unofficial Patch Plus

Gun Runner's Arsenal
JIP LN plugin

Optional CaliberX patch included

You might be thinking about a similarly named mod I also released, Ammo Fixes. While the first issue with launcher weapons and impact damage has been fixed at the engine level now by JIP, the second one dealing with ammo script effects still applies. Ammo scripts trigger from any of the actor's attacks while having the ammo loaded, not just from the weapon, so they trigger together with mines and the like. Also, effects applied from an ammo script, like incendiary ammo, just use the CIOS command which means that the game considers that the actor affected is damaging himself.
There's also the old issue with fatigue damage from "bean bag"-type (12ga in vanilla) ammo. Basically, it looks like ammo effects go through mathematical ordering so that additions and subtractions come before multiplications, so that ammo's +250 to fatigue damage is also run through its x0.05 damage multiplier. The fMinDamMultiplier game setting is also enforced, so under vanilla rules that multiplier in practice becomes x0.20 at most... for a total of +50 fatigue damage and (regular health damage x 0.20). Plus, it doesn't check anything about the actor, so it works on robots for example.

Things have changed quite a bit in version 2.0. Since ammo scripts are ubiquitous, it's not much use to advise people to get rid of them. But thankfully JIP LN's functions to retrieve data about the impact can be used in them as well, to tighten up when they are fired. This mod does the following:
  • Patch the scripts from .50MG Incendiary, 12ga Coinshot & Dragon's Breath, and Pulse Slugs to make pretty sure they don't do anything unless the impact that fires them is due to the weapon that has that ammo loaded, in the attacker's hands.
  • Change .50MG Incendiary from using the Flamer's burning effect, which is a measly 2 dmg/5 sec that hardly makes a difference, to the much stronger Dragon's Breath effect of 8 dmg/5 sec, so that the target may lose a noticeable amount of health to fire damage between shots.
  • Add a recipe to "unmangle" the Mangled Denarii that can result from 12ga Coinshot impacts, so you can reuse them with a 25 in Barter skill.
  • Replace the bugged fatigue effect in bean bag ammo with a script implementation, that corrects and takes a lot more factors into account for how much fatigue damage they should cause, following the game's damage formulas. Plus it doesn't affect robots as expected.
  • Plus, give them a safeguard to ensure that once knocked out, targets will start their stand up counter from the "fMinFatigue" setting, and that, in the case of the player, fatigue cannot drop lower than that as well. So bean bag knockouts will generally last much longer (30 seconds) and be consistent in that duration, instead of a semi-random amount between 0 and that much.

Installation is straightforward, just activate AmmoScriptFixes.esp, and optionally the patch if you use CaliberX. Best don't use together with the old Ammo Fixes mod, I'd consider it obsolete by now.
For the most part this mod is kinda "closed" in that it specifically targets vanilla and GRA ammo, with not much in the way of other mods' support. I did think about some sort of config file, but viewed it as too cumbersome and of little use. If you have a mod adding new kinds of ammo, I'd encourage you to replicate what's done here on your end if needed, to fix ammo scripts and do away with fatigue effects in bean bag ammo.

Thanks go again to beelzetoxic for finding the issue with ammo scripts, and and of course to jazzisparis for his amazing plugin.