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A user configurable overhaul of the sleep system that implements D&D styled random encounters when the player naps.

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This mod adds D&D styled text encounters to the sleeping system. When the player opts to sleep outdoors, there is a configurable chance that an encounter can occur.

Encounters range from bedbugs to bad dreams. Some outcomes are unavoidable, some depend on your skills and others depend on choice or chance. Some encounters reward you & others hinder you.

With 40+ unique encounters and many more outcomes, this system looks to keep your game fresh and interesting. Some encounters involve choice, some have random / chance based elements, some are wild wasteland or hardcore exclusive and others are simply lore friendly romanticized reflections inspired by Fallout 1 / 2. 

The overall aim of this system is to make sleeping out in the open a more risky affair. Particularly on hardcore playthroughs, this adds an extra edge to the game - would you sleep here if there was a chance that doing so left you at low hp? or without water / Stimpaks?

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Some general purpose rules are in place for the player, mainly to keep things fair and not too overbearing:

Player will NOT be punished for not possessing an item, except in hardcore mode where a penalty applies to certain encounters.

Player WILL be punished for taking a decision that rolls unfavorably / they do not posses the required skills to pass the check.

Player will NOT be killed during sleep (Except in Hardcore), checks are in place to ensure encounters do not cause Radiation levels to exceed 1000 or health to drop below 1.

  • 50+ unique encounters
  • Unique outcomes for Hardcore mode
  • Unique encounters for Wild Wasteland
  • Multiple vanity / lore outcomes
  • Makes sleeping outdoors more unpredictable & risky
  • All encounters are lore friendly & faction neutral
  • Skill / Luck based encounters
  • Temporary status effects for sleeping
  • Consequences for sleeping outdoors
  • .ini configurable

First install the latest version of NVSE (xNVSE preferred) & the JIP LN Plugin.Next, simply Install and Uninstall using a mod manager of your choice, alternatively add or remove ImmersiveSleepEncounters.esp from the data folder as required. There is no particular load-order requirements for using this mod.

Navigate to the mod installation directory and edit SleepEncounters.ini with a text editor of your choice to configure the chance of an encounter occurring. By default this is set to 30% You can also enable or disable the Intro message and configure other settings from this .ini file.

(You must restart your game for changes to take effect!)

A huge thanks to everyone that helped test this mod and contributed writing and feedback, I welcome further feedback to this mod of any nature - whether it be suggestions for new encounters, bugs & typos or even any thoughts you may have on the balance of this system.

-Lime (Mod Author, Me!)
-S6S (Beta-tester, feedback & writing / encounters contributor)
-Themitheus (encounters contributor)
-Barfcat (Beta-tester, feedback)
-Shadowask5 (Beta-tester, feedback)
-The Lonestander (Beta-tester, feedback)

I can be contacted / followed at the following - feel free to pass on any feedback or even give me a follow for new mods & content:

  • I can be contacted on NexusMods (I'm Semi-Active in checking messages or comments)
  •  Reach me on my Discord Server:
  • @LimeAyy on Twitter & Instagram (Follow me for mod updates!)

Lime Drawing by Peach