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Animation in first and third POV for all your ingestibles.

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Successor of Animated Drinks and Food and Chems..., Animated Ingestibles does exactly what its title suggests: animate the consumption of objects. And that for the items of the base game but also officials DLC and many mods.
Animations can be played in either third person or first person view. If some objects only benefit from a summary animation using a generic 3D model that does not necessarily represent the object, the majority of them have a personalized animation wich vary depending if the player is sitting or not. So when you consume a Nuka Cola, you will see your character drinking a bottle of Nuka Cola. If you consume a beer, you will see a beer. A steak? You will see a steak.
Drinks, Food, Chems are taken into account as well as a few miscellaneous items such as Magazines and Skill books.

Everything is configurable at will via an MCM or an .ini file. You will be able to activate or deactivate animations for certain items, under certain conditions. I have done my best to allow you to configure the mod as you wish.

Here is a more precise description of each setting you can configure with the MCM. Just in case some of you enjoy to read.


  • kNVSE Animation Plugin to be able to make diagonal moves when playing animation. Be sure that bFixIdleStrafing is set to 1 into the .ini file provided.
  • The Mod Configuration Menu is not required, but I'm sure you want to easily configure the mod as you want, right?
  • Setting bAllowActivateWhileAnimPlays to 1 into lStewieAl's Tweaks' .ini allows you to activate things, like doors, while animation is playing. Pretty cool.
  • Vanilla UI Plus is really awesome but it causes colours in MCM to not apply. If you prefer having colours into your MCM as intended by mod's authors, delete the Menus/Prefabs/MCM folder from Vanilla UI Plus.
  • Skill Book Patch from The Bazaar of Z or Used Books And Magazines version 1.2 mod or ShowOff xNVSE Plugin version 1.6+ is required if you want animated Skill Books.
  • Better Beans for Animated Ingestibles and other mods from that author are really nice improvements.

Main Files
Easy. If multiples files, choose and download only one.

Update Files
Always stay up to date! If any, install the update of your choice after main files. Update files have to win conflicts with main ones.

Optional Files
Custom Config contain blank custom .ini files if you need to change how animation works for each item, add new animations... Experimented users only. Mostly undocumented.
Perfect MKII will provide a better management of the MKII suit from Old World Blues DLC. This plugin will allow you to choose 'Perfect' setting in the MCM. Read detailed informations above for more... informations. Recommended.
JSUE Fast Travel Patch is a plugin that add a line into a script of JSawyer Ultimate Edition mod to prevent animation from playing when bFastTravelItemRequirement is set to 1 in its .ini. Otherwise, this file will have no effect. Mandatory if you're using this feature.
Rocket Shaped Nuka Cola Bottles use a mesh made by Jokerine to replace animated Nuka Bottles of the mod by rocket shaped ones. Vanilla will only replace vanilla bottles while the other file will also replace color variations of animated Nuka Bottles that could be triggered by other mods.
Nuka Cola World files are compatibility files for zzjay's Nuka Cola World mod. Choose them wisely.

Here is the list of mods that are, or not, compatible. Pay attention that the validity of the information given is valid for a specific mod's version. Other version of the mods mentioned could lead to incompatibilities as well as compatibility improvements.

Animation compatibility
Note that a non compatible mod doesn't means you can't use it. It just means that no animation will be provided for items from that mod. With Version 4, you can use the 'Generic Animation' setting to force an animation to play for any item not supported by the mod, wich leads into 100% compatibility with any mod.

Technical compatibility (not related to meshes/textures/animated objects)

There is an easy way if, for any reason, your mod need to disable Animated Ingestibles for some time.
Just insert the following lines in one of your scripts:

Thanks to DarkPopulous for the video showcase (mod was in version 1, things could have changed)

For an espless alternative, have a look at B42 Inject - Animated Item Use - ESPless. It works!

bluebellfairy for 3rd POV animations and generic animated objects (Animated Food & Animated Chems)
FLipdeezy for animated objects tweaks, upgrades and always precious tips
hitman47101 & Fallout2AM for first POV animations from Animation Resources 
Alex Birdman for Bandage mesh and base textures (kudos to Sweet6Shooter for pointing me to that) 
bananasuicide and PaddyOtaku for Bandage animation
Jokerine for rocket shaped Nuka bottles meshes from Jokerine's Misc Resources and Tutorials - FNV 
jet4571 & lylejk for Pizza mod resource 
Polyfemus & Kuroitsune for meshes from Become a Hotdog Vendor 
SirSquidly for nuka wild and nuka dark textures from Nuka-Cola Wild & Nuka-Cola Dark 
ZuTheSkunk for meshes and textures from Craftable Bread And Sandwiches 
zzjay for meshes from Nuka Cola World - Nuka overhaul by zzjay 
Book textures are extracted from copyright free old comics. 

Huge thanks to the NVSE/xNVSE teams, to Pelinor for the wonderful MCM system and to jazzisparisc6, carxt & lStewieAl for all the magic.