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Extensible Animated Aid Items Framework.
Hardcore if you want, flavor if you don't.

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B42 Inject - extensible animated aid items framework,
created with one very specific yet simple idea in mind

"Hardcore if you want, flavor if you don't"

ESPless. ScriptRunner. No ESP - no problems. You can poke the script too
● It plays animations when you use aid items like Stimpak, RadX, Nuka-Cola
Flavor is the idea. You know how Fallout4 does animated items? Well, that
● No need to commit to watch animations! Any combat action will stop them
  ● But what if you really want to? Just turn on Hardcore (in ini), and items that
- have anims will be blocked from use, while other special or aid anims play    
● Fully configurable! Just head to Data\Config\B42Inject.ini file and tweak it
ESPless. ScriptRunner. No ESP: more problems. It might just not work, hah       

This mod is just a framework, it comes only with Stimpak animations
For more animations, you should go download all brand new Hitmans

xNVSE 6.3.1 or higher
JIP LN NVSE version 57.17 or higher
ShowOff NVSE version 1.60 or higher
JohnnyGuitar NVSE version 4.93 or higher
kNVSE Animation plugin version 20 or higher
Very highly recommended for ANY ScriptRunner mod:
Improved Console version 1.6 or higher

       "Okay, Xil, we get it, you made yet another animated ingestibles mod,
here, let me pat u on your back, but at least 3 such mods exist already, so
what's the point, m? Mmm?"                                                                             

         Well, it is pretty simple. And so is the idea of B42 Inject mod. Simple.
Non-intrusive, flavor, a visual thing, a sprinkle of spice on top of your game
 to enhance your experience with a bit of an eyecandy, not more and not less.

         Think how Fallout 4 does items animations. You wanna spam Stimpaks?
Go ahead and spam Stimpaks! You'll get initial anim play for the immersion

         No obviously other mods can be configured to work exactly like that too.
But it takes some effort to tune it all just right. Aint nobody got time for that
We wanted to avoid it at all costs.                                                                           

       This mod literally has two options: hardcore, and anims in power armor
both for no other reasons but "I want to grog on Whiskey one at a time" and
  "We should have that PA option for compat just in case if something breaks"  
        Another point - ease of creation, as close to default pipeline as possible,
 for animators first and foremost, giving them basic framework to work with.

        If you want an all-encompassing mod with tons of options, anim queues,
conditioning, bonuses, penalties, and plenty of existing animations already?
This isn't it.
   You should totally use Zebumper's Animated Ingestibles mod, it's great!

   But if you want just visual flavor on top of your game, Hit anims and no ESP?
This is it.

Install all required mods first, then this one.
Uninstallation - do the same, but in reverse. 

Creating animations for B42 Inject, step by step manual


Step 1: Grab your rig, add a "B42AttachPointL" bone to "Bip01 L Hand".
There was one for Right hand in the past, but it wasn't really needed, so it's gone.
Import any mesh you want to animate, same as you do with weapons.
Both node and geomorph anims are supported.

Step 2: Animate to your heart's content!
Both hands need to start off screen in a neutral position.
Put the weapon bone behind the player lower down and set its scale in the transform to 0 in Nifskope after exporting
Blender won't let you export with a scale of 0 on a start or end key so you have to do it in Nifskope
Also don't key scale on the weapon bone when animating.

Step 3: Text Keys

● To override item's original mesh with your own. Optional.
ScriptLine: Goo1.AuxVarSetStr "*_InjMP" "MyFolder\MyCoolModel.nif"
(without "meshes\")
Time = after start, before the other keys. Can be before Blend as well.

● Blending
Safest value is 1, but you can use any reasonable one.
You have to make sure that equip key (more on that below) is called in the game after anim blending is finished. Or it will just reset.
That's an engine quirk we couldn't figure out and fix.

● To "equip" item mesh
ScriptLine: Goo1.AuxVarSetFlt "*_InjM" 1
Time: after Blend

● Play original item sound (say, when needle pokes the hand - you'd want that stimpak sound, right?) Optional but recommended.
ScriptLine: Goo1.AuxVarSetFlt "*_InJS" 1
Time = anytime after previous, and before your item becomes visible on screen

● To "unequip" item mesh
ScriptLine: Goo1.AuxVarSetFlt "*_InjM" 3
Time = anytime you want, but after equip & vanilla sound.

● Play custom sounds path*. Optional.
ScriptLine: Goo1.AuxVarSetStr "*_InJSP" "fx\MyFolder\MyFancySound.wav"
*You can use kNVSE's "SoundPath", but through trial and error we found out that in 3rd person kNVSE-called sounds are barely audible.
Time = anytime you want, anywhere

Example from Hitman's Stimpak anim
2/ScriptLine: Goo1.AuxVarSetStr "*_InjMP" "B42Inject\Stimpak01.nif" ; tells the game to use custom mesh
2/BlendIn:1                                                         ; blend/blendIn
3/ScriptLine: Goo1.AuxVarSetStr "*_InJSP" "fx\Hit\StimDraw.wav"     ; plays custom sound
3/ScriptLine: Goo1.AuxVarSetFlt "*_InjM" 1                          ; "equips" mesh
18/ScriptLine: Goo1.AuxVarSetFlt "*_InJS" 1                         ; plays vanilla item sound
42/ScriptLine: Goo1.AuxVarSetFlt "*_InjM" 3                         ; "unequips" mesh
43/BlendOut:5                                                       ; blend out

Bones priority:
For the sake of compatibility, all standard bones should be in high 90s

Step 4: Bake & Export
These are special idles, so NiControllerSquence name = SpecialIdle, Cycle type = Clamp.

Step 5: Adding your nodes in Nifskope.
After you're done adding custom nodes from the model (IF you animated those nodes ofc) into anim, just like with weapons,
you'll have to rename them by adding _B42 suffix (case sensitive). IE, if you have "Cap" node animated, rename it into "Cap_B42".
Only in anim, no need to touch mesh.

Example from Hitman's Buffout anim

Step 6: Where to put the animation:
Go to meshes\characters\_male\idleanims\B42Inject folder. There will be 2 folders, 0 (Default) and 1 (Power Armor)
Inside each also will be 2 folders, 0 (3rd person) and 1 (1st person). Go inside the one you made your anim for.
There, create a folder with a name of EditorID (the one in GECK/xEdit) of your item, and put your anim there
Any name for anim itself will do, but call it something unique nonetheless.

That's it. Done.

You can have any number of animations per item, mod will pick one randomly from available. 20 different stimpak anims? Hell yeah.

There's one last thing. If you want to make your anims compatible with B42 Bows:
Make sure to scale down "Bip01 WeaponBow" and "ArrowNode" bones to 0 (same as Weapon node, in Nifskope)

 Hitman47101, initial idea, suggestions, testing, being bestest bro
 lStewieAl, for not killing us with extreme prejudice for false bugs
Jazzisparis,  ScriptRunner,  listening to bugs that make no sense
Bethesda, for the engine
Obsidian, for New Vegas

Armed Forces of Ukraine, for keeping me alive and safe

Слава Україні!