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Fixes the Gauss Rifle bug in VATS once and for all, without having to sacrifice ANYTHING. Correct damage in VATS, and explosion effects right on point.

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Gauss Impact Fix

A tiny mod that fixes a decades old problem once and for all, thanks to the power creep of JIP LN.

So in case you weren't familiar, the Gauss Rifle had a peculiar issue that threw its damage calculations out of whack when using it in VATS mode, due to its projectile being a hitscanning missile with an impact explosion defined. Long story short, no headshot or critical damage in VATS.
The main solution until now was a simple tweak disabling the projectile from triggering this explosion, and optionally moving it to the Gauss Rifle's own script so that the explosion is manually placed on the target when the impact happens, which is done by YUP. This presents two minor problems:
- The explosion can thus only appear when what is hit is an actor.
- The explosion is placed at the target's coordinate origin, that is to say down at his feet, not where the Gauss Rifle actually hit it.

These are minor problems because at the end of the day, the explosion is just for show, it doesn't do any damage by itself. But why can't we have it all?

Turns out we now can. This mod still disables the projectile from triggering the explosion to avoid the bug in VATS, but now instead of placing it with a weapon script, a handler script places it at the EXACT point the impact happened.

As of version 2, I went ahead and
extended this to any mod-added projectiles in your game. This mod will handle any projectile with the Hitscan and Explosion flags, which uses an explosion that deals 0 damage.

The Gauss Rifle and YCS/186 no longer need to be scripted, in fact this mod will remove any such scripts if found (typically from YUP), and alter the projectile to conform without directly editing anything either.

And yeah, that's it. You've played this game all these years without needing this, so it's not a big deal at all. Just uploading this here in case any other bugfixing mods want to have a look.