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You will agonize if you get too hurt during battle. While agonizing, your most loyal allies will try to heal you and your enemies will kick you in the ground. Now NPCs can help, kick and surrender to each other.

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This mod will make you agonize if you get too hurt during battle. While agonizing, your most loyal companions and combat allies will try to heal you (hope they have a spare stimpack).

Your agony treshold and your companions willingness to help is defined by several parameters: charisma, endurace and your companions stats. The more endurance and agility you have, the more you will resist before dying.

This mod will make your game harder (it is intended for hardcore mode) but much more epic, as you will see how the battle goes on after you've been taken out of combat, and -if your companions care enough and have the chance- will be helped during battle or once its over.

Surrender stand was taken from the awesome mod Slave In Pose, made by LostRider so please endorse it. 

  • Companions and followers will try to help you inside and outside battle.
  • When you fall, those companions who are willing to help you will get a small health boost.
  • You will have a small recuperation rate but most of cases will be futile. New: if you have the "Toughness" perk you'll last longer and have better chances of survival.
  • Help can be provided using stimpaks, super stimpaks, healing powder or doctorbags.
  • While helping you, Antivenom and Hydra can be used as well.
  • For those with low charisma I've added the PityProvoker perk:  More companions will be willing to help you, but there are some tradeoffs involved.
  • Your enemies will kick your sorry ass when you are down. Same for your allies. Don't worry, your allies will kick enemies if they have the chance as well.
  • Now you can activate health items bounded to number keys, so you'll have chances to self-recover. I think combat is funnier that way.
  • Now NPCs (including followers) will cure each other ( if they have a stimpak and succeed a disposition check). They can only help (or kick) if the other NPC have less than 25% healh and is on the ground or fleeing, so I suggest to use  Humanize-Brutalize (made by me),  Near Death, or SlowDeath.
  • Kicks will cripple limbs now.
  • Added more complex reactions between NPC (now they'll help each other more often).
  • If you're agonizing alone, there's a small chance you won't be considered a threat anymore.
  • New feature! Now NPC's will surrender to the enemy if their chances in battle are too low (It has to be fleeing and depends on confidence and other conditions). When surrendered they'll evaluate their chances to escape. Using ironsight will increase the chance of stop fleeing and surrender to the player.
  • New: Agonize.ini in Config folder where you can activate/deactivate NPC behaviors (kicks, aids and surrenders to other NPCs) and Player agonization (In case you're here only for the NPC violence).

If you have freeze crashes you may need to apply these recomendations.

Bugs reports and suggestions are welcome.

surrender if you want to live...

Also check my other mods: Mortalize and Humanize-Brutalize.

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