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Open locks in a few new ways! Use your repair skill to open locks, additionally use very rare to find "Lock Cracker" items to bypass locks!

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Have you ever wanted to open a locked container without lockpicking? Well this mod adds 2 new methods for unlocking doors and containers.
Being level 5 with 30 repair you will gain access to a new perk called "Locksmith" which will allow you to attempt to open a lock if you have a hammer
and wrench in your inventory, the chance to open the lock is based upon your repair skill (Repair skill serves as the exact percent chance).
if you fail to open a lock this way you will break the lock. But not to worry, with 50 repair you can repair a lock with some scrap metal.

The second method you gain to open locks is in the form of some new items called "Lock Crackers". These items come in various levels equivalent to vanilla
lock levels and can be rarely looted in the wasteland from containers such as toolboxes or bought from some vendors, notably Old Lady Gibson, Torres,
Mr Holdout, Daniel Contreras and the Gun Runners.

These features are balanced around vanilla game progression to ensure the lockpicking skill is still powerful early game and has other pros to it.

In addition this mod restores a weirdly unused sound in the vanilla game for trying to open locked or inaccessible doors.

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