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Assorted tweaks for the Pip-Boy UI. Updated Weapon Mod Menu, extended item comparisons, colorful stat info, ySI Icon integration, and more!

Permissions and credits
Extended Item Stats Comparison - Extend lStewieAl's Tweaks Stat Comparisons to WG, VAL, and STR
Weapon Mod Menu - Adds additional features to lStewieAl's Tweaks Weapon Mod Menu
> Weapon Stats UI - Adds new UI element to show weapon mod's affect on weapon stats
> Accurate Mod Descriptions - Rebuilds weapon mod descriptions to accurately reflect their stat bonus
Colorful Stat Info - Adds color to certain stat values
> Item - Weapon/Armor stats will be shaded based on lStewieAl's/Extended Item Stats Comparison
> Encumbrance - WG will be red while over-encumbered 
> Hit Points - HP will be red when at low health, blinking red when critical 
> Skills - Positive/Negative Skill effects will be shaded green/red
> SPECIAL - Positive/Negative SPECIAL effects will be shaded green/red
> Crippled Limbs - Vault Boy Paper Doll limb's will be shaded red when crippled
> Hardcore Needs - Hardcore Needs meters will be shaded based on current needs levels
ySI Addon - Integrates ySI - Sorting Icons into different parts of the Pip-Boy UI
> Caps Icon - Replaces the "Caps:" title text with the bottle caps icon
> Chems Icon - Adds icons to the quick use chem buttons in the stats menu
> Value Info Icon - Replaces the "VAL" item info title text with the bottle caps icon
> Ammo Info Icon - Adds a dynamic icon to the Ammo Info card, showing ammo type and armor class
> Resistance Icons - Adds icons to the Biological Resistances section of the stats menu
> Repair Icons - Adds icons to the "Repair" and "Mod" buttons in the inventory menu
Texture Addon
> Smooth Glow Cursor - Replaces the World/Local player cursor texture with a higher quality one
> MAPMO ySI Caps Icons - Replaces the ySI bottle caps icons with MAPMO style icons

- Tweaks can be toggled via the included PipBoyUITweaks.ini

- Colorful Inventory Ycons
ySI - Colorful Icons Fix

- Vanilla
- Vanilla UI+
- DarNified UI

- If you find any incompatibilities let me know and I'll make a patch.

JohnnyGuitar NVSE
ShowOff xNVSE
- lStewieAl's Tweaks
ySI - Sorting Ycons (For ySI Addon)

- Installs with a mod manager via the FOMOD installer.