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Gives melee power and auto attacks an optional cost in Action Points, allows for regular and special forward power attacks to be used by the player, and allows them to trigger special VATS effects out of VATS

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Power Attack Tweaks

  • Power attacks from melee and unarmed weapons can have an Action Point (AP) cost, based on the same cost they use in VATS. This is similar to the feature provided in lStewie's Tweaks, except that there the cost is based on the weapon's weight. A configuration file for it is provided to prevent power attacks being performed while your AP falls below 0
  • Automatic melee weapons can have an AP cost per second while they are sawing through a target, again based on their VATS cost. Once they consume your AP, their DPS will become minimal, likely forcing you to take breaks and consider options to maximize your AP and regen while using them.
  • With kNVSE, melee weapons will no longer use their special VATS attack animation when performing a forward power attack out of VATS by default. Instead, this special animation now has a chance to be used over a regular forward power attack (which otherwise you the player character never gets to perform), based on your Melee Weapons skill. This forward power attack can also trigger the same special effects if any that the weapon causes in VATS, such as a knockdown for Mauler effect weapons like the Sledgehammer, Flambé Cut for Cosmic knives, etc.
  • Option to prevent critical hits with melee weapons from happening unless they come from a power attack, an attack in VATS, or an automatic melee weapon (since you can't power attack with those). Not too great I suppose, so it's off by default.

And hopefully that's it, enjoy.