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Gives melee power attacks an optional cost in Action Points, and allows them to trigger special VATS effects out of VATS. Also allows you to remove the delay in releasing a power attack, simply by attacking while blocking.

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Power Attack Tweaks

By default, a melee power attack needs you to hold the attack control for 0.3 seconds in order to happen. But when you want to use some precise strikes, this can be a problem:
  • The Khan Trick is performed with a sideways power attack, so you pretty much have to move left or right before performing it. And once the attack animation is underway there's almost no way to correct the aim, often resulting in missing the target.
  • Same with the Ranger Takedown, which requires you to move backwards, often resulting in getting too far away from the target for the hit to connect
  • Finally, this timer is in game time, not real time. So when affected by Turbo for example, the delay timer magically increases to an unbearable 0.85 seconds. Come onnnnnn power hit...

This mod is no longer simple...

This mod adds an option for your power attacks to incur and require an amount of Action Points to be performed, similar to how it works in VATS mode. By default this is 100% of the Action Points they consume in VATS for you to perform a power attack outside of it.
If you don't have enough Action Points, the power attack delay timer will be infinite, thus you will be restricted to regular attacks. You also won't be able to use melee attacks in sneak mode, since those are always released as power attacks.
You have the option to disable this restriction and just have power attacks drop your AP to 0 if you don't meet the cost.

You can remove the delay timer
while you are blocking, so every hit released from the blocking position will be a power attack, in the hopes of making it easier to coordinate your Unarmed special moves.
Luckily Veronica's Scribe Counter move doesn't appear to be affected by it, so with that perk any unarmed hit you release immediately after blocking an enemy's hit will still be a Scribe Counter attack.

As you may know, many Melee Weapons have special VATS moves defined, which in some cases can trigger special effects. The animations for these VATS moves can be performed outside of VATS with forward power attacks, but the effects themselves can only trigger when used in VATS.
With kNVSE installed, your character now has a chance to perform the regular forward power attack that NPCs use, based on your Melee Weapons skill. As your skill increases, you will perform the usual special forward attack more often instead. This will use the same damage multiplier and AP cost as when performed in VATS, and will trigger the same special effects on the target if any: knockdown for Mauler effect weapons like the Sledgehammer, Flambé Cut for Cosmic knives, etc.

And hopefully that's it, enjoy.