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Adds ammo variants, reloading parts, and weapon mods as loot; fixes item naming conventions; improves recipes; and adds options for configuring GRA. Compatible with mods which add new weapons and weapon mods, without the need for a patch.

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Mojave Arsenal
All Official DLC (except Courier's Stash)

JohnnyGuitar NVSE Plugin


Mojave Arsenal is a collection of simple gameplay changes and features related to weapons and ammunition. Here's a quick overview of the features.

Expanded Loot

In the vanilla game, ammo variants, reloading parts, and weapon mods were almost exclusively obtainable only from merchants (and by that I mean: they only appear as loot in Lonesome Road, and in some cases this is only at very high levels). I always found this pretty dumb. What's the point of adding cool new items and crafting parts to the game if they don't feel like part of the world?

Mojave Arsenal makes these items available as loot, each of which can be enabled or disabled individually in the Mod Configuration Menu. The chances for each type of item have been well balanced, so you won't be finding valuable weapon mods in every container, and you won't be gaining masses of extra ammo. Item locations are appropriate to the type of item:

  • Ammo variants are found in place of their regular counterparts;
  • Reloading parts are found alongside the relevant ammo;
  • Weapon mods are always found alongside weapons.

As an added bonus, surplus rounds can be found in higher quantities than other ammo types to reflect their lower value.

Item distribution is carried out in real-time, and so will adapt to changes made by your current mods. This means that mods which add new weapons or weapon mods are supported automatically - so yes, WME and WMX are supported without the need for a patch.

There is also an option to decrease the condition of all armour and weapon loot to make it harder to get rich from selling raider weapons.

Better Item Naming

The vanilla game isn't very consistent when it comes to ammo naming. For example, regular 9mm rounds are called "9mm Round", whereas 9mm hollow point rounds are called "9mm, Hollow Point". It's fairly hit and miss when the game abbreviates ammo names: hollow point rounds are called "Hollow Point", whereas jacketed hollow point rounds are called "JHP", etc. The same goes for ammo crafting recipes, and items added by the DLCs seem to change things up even more. As this mod makes ammo variants more common, these inconsistencies can become more noticeable.

Therefore, all ammo and recipes now adhere to a common naming convention. Regular 9mm rounds are renamed to "9mm, FMJ", and the hollow point rounds become "9mm, HP", etc.

In addition, all item name tags - (GRA), (Hand Load), (Junk), (Mad Bomber), and (Vigilant Recycler) - are removed from all items. These looked rather ugly in my opinion, and I never understood why the game wants to inform you what perks (or DLC) are associated with which items. I mean, is every item from Honest Hearts suffixed with "(Honest Hearts)"?

Better Crafting

Recipes to craft and breakdown all ballistic ammo variants have been added based on vanilla conventions for Hand Load components and breakdown losses, and meticulously balanced. By default, all special ammo variants such as AP, HP, etc require the Hand Loader perk to craft, albeit with lower skill requirements than the respective cartridge's Hand Load. Optionally, you can disable the Hand Loader requirement for these rounds; in which case, .50MG Explosive, 12 Gauge Pulse, 12 Gauge Dragon's Breath, 12 Gauge Flechette, and 20 Gauge Pulse will still require the perk. Surplus, Special, .22LR Plinking, .223, and 12 Gauge Bean Bag rounds can be crafted without Hand Loader, but Surplus rounds require slightly higher skill due to their increased damage. Breakdown recipes for all ammo are available without Hand Loader, and have the same skill requirement as the standard cartridge (because you don't need to know how to make something to take it apart). Finally, empty case items for .22LR, .38 Special, .44 Special, and .223 have been added and distributed to the appropriate leveled lists, and are required/received for crafting/breaking-down rounds. The cases will also be received from firing the respective ammo, with the exception of .22LR, as it's a rimfire cartridge (thus crafting .22LR rounds also doesn't require primers).

To reduce clutter in crafting lists, energy ammo conversion and overcharge recipes are unavailable unless you actually have Energy Ammo in your inventory. The same applied to recycling recipes and drained ammo. In addition, efficient recycling recipes have had the "Efficient" removed from their name. It's obvious they're more efficient - they require less parts...

The Mad Bomber perk from Gun Runners' Arsenal has been removed, and it is no longer required to craft any of the new explosive items. I didn't like that the perk's sole effect was to unlock new crafting recipes - that's what skills should be for. The efficient crafting recipes unlocked by Mad Bomber are removed, and the normal recipes have instead been modified to meet somewhere in the middle. The vanilla recipes were unnecessarily hard to craft in my opinion anyway. A Bottlecap Mine required 5 Cherry Bombs - seriously?!

GRA Integration and Options

Gun Runners' Arsenal has been more cleanly integrated with the vanilla game. As already mentioned, the (GRA) tag is removed from all the new items and challenges. The new variants of vanilla weapons, and their mods are instead tagged with (Custom), which represents the fact that the weapons have been modified to accommodate the new modifications. These items are still only available from merchants - I quite like this as it gives you something to spend you caps on, and represents the fact that these special custom weapons aren't commonly available to everyone in the wasteland.

There is also the option to disable the custom weapon variants, new GRA ammo, and new new GRA non-custom weapons at vendors if you'd prefer them to not be available. The same goes for the new unique weapons added by Gun Runners' Arsenal, as some people find them to be overpowered. The new MFC Grenades and optimised energy ammo recipes can also be disabled, as they can be considered quite overpowered when compared to other explosives and energy ammo variants.


This mod requires:

You will be notified if any of the NVSE dependencies are missing.

Load order is not really important as this mod makes very few record edits.


Before uninstalling, select the uninstall option from the MCM menu. This mod will have no permanent effects on your game.

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