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Adds ammo variants, reloading parts, and weapon mods as loot; provides comprehensive options for configuring and integrating Gun Runners' Arsenal; fixes item naming conventions; and improves recipes.

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Mojave Arsenal
The Ultimate Arsenal
All Official DLC (except Courier's Stash)

JohnnyGuitar NVSE Plugin
ShowOff xNVSE Plugin


Mojave Arsenal provides a highly customisable and compatible collection of tweaks and quality-of-life improvements related to weapons and ammo, including the option to seamlessly integrate the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC content with the rest of the game.

There's a configuration to suit every kind of load order, with no patches.

Expanded Loot

In the vanilla game, ammo variants, reloading parts, and weapon mods were almost exclusively obtainable only from merchants. Mojave Arsenal provides the option to dynamically distribute these items in loot, with individual toggles for each kind of item. The chances for each type of item spawning have been well balanced, so you won't be finding valuable weapon mods in every container, and you won't be gaining masses of extra ammo. Item locations are appropriate to the type of item:

  • Ammo Variants - Rounds like AP, HP, etc are found alongside normal ammo. Surplus and Bulk ammo can also spawn, and are always present in higher quantities.
  • Reloading parts - Crafting components like lead, cases, powders, and primers are found alongside the relevant ammo.
  • Weapon Mods - Scopes, silencers, and other weapon mods can be found alongside the relevant weapons.

Item distribution is carried out in real-time, and so will adapt to changes made by your current mods. This means that mods which add new weapons or weapon mods are supported automatically - so yes, WME and WMX are supported without the need for a patch.

GRA Integration and Options

The Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC divides opinion. Some people like it because it adds flash new items, but wish it was better integrated with the vanilla game, and others (like me) think that it ruins the game balance so much that it would be better off removed entirely.

Mojave Arsenal provides options to suit every taste.

For every aspect of the DLC, you can choose to either:
  • Disable the content entirely,
  • Keep the default DLC integration, or
  • Seamlessly and fully integrate the content with the vanilla game.

This means that, for the first time, it is possible to fully integrate the DLC with the vanilla game using just an INI option and without the need for patches with other mods. This includes allowing the new weapon mods added by the DLC can also be applied to the vanilla versions of the weapons.

Mojave Arsenal is also the only mod to provide true integration of GRA content: the items are added to vanilla merchant lists, so they will have the same frequency and distribution as vanilla ammo, weapons, and weapon mods, rather than certain merchants having guaranteed stock.

Other configurations allow for the possibility of doing nothing at all (the DLC will behave as normal), or disabling every aspect of the DLC entirely, for a true vanilla experience.

Mojave Arsenal's new integration of GRA effectively supersedes any other mods that integrate or disable aspects of GRA.

Consistent Item Naming

The vanilla game isn't very consistent when it comes to ammo naming. For example, regular 9mm rounds are called "9mm Round", whereas 9mm hollow point rounds are called "9mm, Hollow Point"—no "round". It's fairly hit and miss when the game abbreviates ammo names: hollow point rounds are called "Hollow Point", whereas jacketed hollow point rounds are called "JHP", etc. The same goes for ammo crafting recipes, which often have different names to the ammo they create. As this mod makes ammo variants more common, these inconsistencies can become more noticeable.

Mojave Arsenal provides the option to overhaul the vanilla item names with a new and consistent convention. With this enabled, all ammo and recipes follow a common naming convention. Regular 9mm rounds are renamed to "9mm, FMJ", and the hollow point rounds become "9mm, HP", etc.

Remove Item Name Tags

Mojave Arsenal provides options to remove the following tags found in the name of items:
  • (GRA)
  • (Hand Load)
  • (Junk)
  • (Mad Bomber)
  • (Vigilant Recycler)

Full Ammo Crafting

Recipes to craft and breakdown all ballistic ammo variants have been added based on vanilla conventions and breakdown losses, and meticulously balanced. By default, all special ammo variants such as AP, HP, etc require the Hand Loader perk to craft, albeit with lower skill requirements than the respective cartridge's Hand Load. Other options include:

  • Remove the hand loader requirement for AP, HP, and +P variants.
  • Disable crafting of AP, HP, and +P variants.
  • Craft surplus ammo types.
  • Craft incendiary ammo types.
  • Craft explosive ammo types.
  • Craft pulse ammo types.
  • Disable breakdown recipes for ammo variants.

Empty case items for .22LR, .38 Special, .44 Special, and .223 have been fully integrated into the game to facilitate crafting and breaking down these rounds. The cases will also be received from firing the respective ammo, with the exception of .22LR, as it's a rimfire cartridge (thus crafting .22LR rounds also doesn't require primers).

De-Cluttered Crafting

To reduce clutter in crafting lists, energy ammo conversion and overcharge recipes are unavailable unless you actually have Energy Ammo in your inventory. The same applied to recycling recipes and drained ammo. In addition, efficient recycling recipes have had the "Efficient" removed from their name so they sort to the expected place in crafting menus.

Ammo Junk

Since reloading parts are weightless and worthless, you tend to accumulate a lot of unused parts in case (pardon the pun) you need to use them in future. This clutters up you inventory, and can be annoying to scroll through.

To try and solve this, Mojave Arsenal includes an "Ammo Junk" option. With this enabled, dropping worthless reloading and ammo parts will add them to a consolidated Ammo Junk item. The value and weight of this item will be the combined total of all the items you junk. You can then sell this item to a merchant to get rid of the items.

Dropping the Ammo Junk will instead drop all the items contained in it.


This mod requires:

Almost every feature of the mod can be fully customised using the INI file contained in the config folder. Full details are included in the file.

Load order is not really important, but I recommend loading this mod high up.


Simply uncheck and delete the mod. This mod will have no permanent effects on your game.


From version 3.0 onwards, Mojave Arsenal should be almost universally compatible, without the need for patches. You should not use any patches for pre-3.0 version of the mod, as they are probably no longer required—this includes the JSawyer Ultimate Edition patches.

My Mods

I spend a lot of time creating and supporting my mods, so any donations are gratefully received.