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Adds a small quest that lets the player acquire a summonable and pilotable Vertibird home after helping an old NCR pilot.

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This mod adds a small quest that lets the player acquire a summonable and pilotable Vertibird home after helping an old NCR Pilot.

  • Starting the Quest

The Quest can be started at the east end of Searchlight Airport. There you will find an old pilot trying to fix up his old vertibird after something flew into it. All he needs are a few parts and it'll be good to go. Check the images for a detailed view of the quest's starting location.

  • Vertibird Home

After completing the quest to fix it up, (and a brief test flight) the Vertibird can now be summoned with a special set of Binoculars. With these you can also call in a bombing run, missile strike, (as long at it has ammo) or set the currently marked location as the Vertibird's home base. Inside the Vertibird you'll find ample storage for pretty much anything, a workstation that acts as both a reloading bench and workbench, a cooking hotplate, along with a bed and a terminal that lets you set a destination for your Vertibird to fly to. Note that some locations are locked until you reach certain requirements, for example you can't land in the Strip unless you've been there before. However most locations are already open, after all the pilot has been to many places already.

In version 2.00 if you talk to JNKS after getting on the Vertibird he will teach you how to pilot it. After his lesson you may now pilot the bird yourself and even attack as long as you have ammo for it.


  • Some people have reported that while riding in the Vertibird after selecting a destination, the flight will never end. I unfortunately have no idea what causes this.

When piloting the Vertibird:

  • If you go up too high and move between world cells the game will force you back down to the ground, but you have to be really high up for this to happen.
  • NPCs will sometimes not fight back and simply stand there or enter a search state then fail to find you.
  • Flying too fast may result in the game crashing due to you flying into unloaded areas.


Anything that modifies the east end of Searchlight Airport will likely conflict unless a merged/bashed patch is made.


Johnny Guitar NVSE

  1. Ensure that you have the latest versions of the requirements.
  2. Install this mod via NMM/Manual/MO/whatever and activate Player Vertibird.esp 
  3. Download a skin pack for the vertibird. (Optional, note that the skin will only show up after the Vertibird is handed over to you)


If you lose the marker, you can talk to JNKS to acquire another. If you end up dismissing the Vertibird then lose it, use the console command "Player.Additem xx000ADF" to re-add the marker. Replace xx with the mods load order.

French version translated by Sylom.

Mindboggles - For creating the skeleton, rigging, and animations for the Vertibird creature used for the pilot feature. 
- For allowing the use of his Vertibird Retextures.
Vivanto - For his fantastic Vertibird Interior Resource.
Weijiesen - For helping with one of the Vertibird attack nifs, the animated gif at the top, the Vertibird interior textures and helping test.
Al Chestbreach - For providing the voice acting of Jenkins.
Xilandro - For assisting massively with implementing the HUD.
Sylom - For translating the mod into French.