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Allows creation of a plethora of new ammo types, and even allows the crafting of ammo types in-game that were previously uncraftable.

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Handloader and its' sister mod, Vigilant Recycler, add in a plethora of new rounds that do a variety of balanced murderizing.
Future plans:
  • A merged version of HL and VL for those who want it.
  • Add in 22LR Cases to the appropriate weapons
  • Go through every ammo to check for...
  1. Weight consistency
  2. Naming consistency
  3. Value consistency
Handloader does a few things - There have been more Surplus ammo types added, typically for military-esque, weapons, and as such the script for giving bulk ammo has been reworked to function when you purchase numerous boxes. Ammo provided is based on box weight/ammo weight.
You can purchase said rounds from the NCR Vendor at 188, and whoever sells normal military rounds. (5mm, 9mm, 10mm, .44, .45, 5.56, 308, .50)

First of all, I'd like to discuss the creation of Hollow Point and Armor-piercing rounds; Most ammo types now have recipes for crafting both of these previously uncraftable rounds, however, you'll need a modest understanding of repair in order to do so, typically 10-20 levels higher than needed to craft the basic ammo.

Secondly, JFP, JSP, JHP, SWC, Match, and Magnum ammo types all require Hand Loader, which is to be expected by a mod who shares the same name.
As a neat little bonus, there are also a few different, unique rounds.

Continued description for those that want to know exactly what to expect.


Vigilant Recycler does a few things, it, like Handloader, modifies the script of Bulk ammo boxes to function better when purchasing multiple of the same type and provides an amount based accordingly off of box weight/ammo weight. Basic energy cells are also revalued to 1 cap per cell. 

A few more ammo types were introduced with Vigilant Recycler.
  • Gamma-Emitted, which require (You guessed it,) Pyromaniac
  • Unstable, which require Vigilant Recycler. These deal massive damage, but the discharge of energy has a chance to radiate back at you, harming you.
Flamer Fuel

Another thing Vigilant Recycler does is... provide more eccentric ammo types. 
  • Small Energy Cells can be crafted into extremely less-lethal Taze rounds, which add fatigue damage to non-robotic enemies.
  • Microfusion Cells have the extremely fun Strange Matter rounds, which have a chance to instantly gib a target.
  • Electron Charge Packs have the very strong Quantum rounds, which ignore 50 DT/DR.
Lastly, these unique rounds can be purchased exclusively from The Sink, excluding Taze rounds.
Go thank _Voidwalker, and maybe give him a Kudos for the implementation of most of Vigilant Recycler.