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xNVSE plugin that allows you to edit and save scripts in GECK and update them live into the game without needing to restart it. You can also save scripts straight from a text editor into GECK. A nice utility to have for any mod maker of Fallout New Vegas.

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Hot Reload lets you script the game "live". When you save a script in GECK, Hot Reload will transfer the compiled script data over from GECK to Fallout New Vegas and update the script so that you don't need to restart the game. Restarting the game is often a huge pain point and time consumer for mod makers of this game, and this mod was created to alleviate that.

How to use

Simply compile a script in GECK while the game is open and Hot Reload will automatically try to hotload the script.

Compile scripts on file save

You can now save and compile scripts without needing to open the script editor in GECK! When you save a script in GECK, Hot Reload will generate files for all of the scripts inside Fallout New Vegas\Scripts\ModName.esp\ that can be edited from any text editor and will be updated as soon as the files are changed. This effectively means you can script straight from Atom or Notepad++ without the need to copy and paste to GECK. Hot Reload can also generate script text files for you so that you don't need to copy them over from GECK (it's programmed to happen when you save any script in GECK).

Example: For a script with editor ID TestScript, start editing a file with path Fallout New Vegas\Scripts\TestMod.esp\TestScript.gek
Another example: Fallout New Vegas\Scripts\TheFrontier.esm\TFWeaponScript.geck

It is strongly recommended that you have bScriptCompileWarningPopup=1 enabled in geckextender.ini when using this feature (MO2 likes to overwrite this file in the overwrite dir so you might need to edit it there).

Open any in-game reference in GECK

With the console command ToGECK, you can instantly open any in-game reference or base form in GECK.

Save files to disk in GECK without closing game

Now you can save files in GECK without closing the game. Note that this does not mean generalized hot reload support for things other than scripts, but just that an annoying limitation has been removed so that there's less chance of losing work as you can always save the .esp/.esm to disk.


    GetGameHotReloaded - A command similar to GetGameLoaded that returns true once each time the script you are editing was hot reloaded. Useful for e.g. registering event handlers and other things you need to do only once.
    ToGECK - A console command that opens a selected in-game ref or base form in GECK. Requires GECK Extender 0.35. Video link. Usage: ref?.ToGECK baseform?

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