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An overhaul of the New Vegas Supermutants, which should make the few occasions you can fight them a much more dangerous endeavor. Also includes an optional version giving a chance to encounter Super Mutant Overlords where Super Mutant Masters would spawn.

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Super Mutant Overhaulord

Super Mutant Ninja Nightkin, Super Mut-NO! NONE OF THAT! SHAME ON YOU!


This mod goes over all the Super Mutants in the game, giving them several buffs to better represent the fact that they are supposed to be ultimate organisms instead of beefy mooks.

In vanilla, the few Super Mutants you can fight don't really have much going for them, even their HP can be considered to be somewhat unimpressive. Other than rad immunity which is kinda pointless for NPCs, regular muties have a 15 DT bonus, while Nightkin have 15 DR (30 due to an engine bug), 15 crit chance in melee, a somewhat buggy cloaking script, and that's about it. Their main asset, which should be their inmense bulk and strength, actually falls somewhat flat when they actually fight in melee: They don't really have any bonuses over any other regular NPC wielding the same weapons, and when they fight completely unarmed, their defined attack damages are absurdly low for some reason, none going over 6 pts per punch. Plus, due to the devs not really bothering much with tuning the creatures' fatigue values, almost all of them have their maximum stamina set at the default value of 50, which means you can easily knock them out with a few punches when using boxing gloves. There's a lesson about 'roids being bad there, but I've preferred to obviate that.

So what I've done to correct this:

All Super Mutants have a base Stamina of at least 250 points, plus bonuses from their level if it's offset to the player. Fixed level variants have their stamina set as:
  • Grunts: 450
  • Brutes: 650
  • Masters: 900.
You are unlikely to knock them out so easily now! Unique Super Mutants like Marcus generally were given Master level stamina.
Speaking of which, Marcus now packs a Minigun and several rounds of armor-piercing 5mm, so better think again about a frontal assault on Jacobstown.

All Super Mutants have been assigned templates to draw their actor effect list from, if they lacked it. They should all enjoy the following bonuses:
  • +15 DT, +30 DR, basically the regular & Nightkin bonuses combined. Watch the bullets bounce off!
  • +25% Energy Resistance, +20% Fire, Electricity & Cold Resistance. They live off the land and can certainly endure it.
  • +25 Melee Damage & +20 Unarmed Damage. You may think you can hit hard, but a Super Mutant will always hit harder.
  • They do have a weak point though. Think "Increased Metabolism".

Plus, Super Fisticuffs! Since the Unarmed Damage stat actually cannot be applied to a creature if he has no weapon equipped (they use their attack damage in that situation), Super Mutants get a dummy invisible "Fisticuffs" weapon which they use when holding no other weapon. With their Unarmed Damage bonus, they can punch with more than half the strength of a Power Fist, will drain stamina like boxing gloves do, and will actually ragdoll their targets around when they score a critical hit.

Super Mutants, like other creatures, may only use the weapons available in the form list they have attached, and even then they can only use those for which they have attack animations. With a scriptrunner file, their weapon list can be expanded with any weapons for which they have attack and reload anims for. While these have not actually been added to the leveled lists they actually spawn with, you can now have your mutie companions use several more weapons, like the Arc Welder or Fire Axe for example.

Nightkin enjoy additional bonuses. In addition to their 15% critical chance bonus in melee, their Sneak is always maxed out, making them harder to catch by surprise. Their scripts controlling their cloaking have been tweaked, now they use a temporary effect instead of messing around with abilities, which causes trouble when several references of the same Nightkin base creature are loaded. Unique Nightkin like Davison and Lily's scripts were not altered.

Speaking of such Nightkin, Dog/God in Dead Money has also been updated. God is now actually physically weaker than Dog as his dialog implies, losing all bonuses to damage, all skill with melee and unarmed weapons, and taking a severe hit to Strength, Endurance, Agility and Speed. So having God in tow instead of Dog should no longer be so much of a no brainer, you'll likely need to bring out Dog if you want him to stand against the Ghost People.

The Super Mutant Overlords' assets from Fallout 3 actually made it to FNV. Well, their meshes did at least. But with some free resources from the Nexus, they can be put in working condition again, and give Deathclaws something to fear in melee. Super Mutant overlords as seen in PineappleSurprise's mod are included as an optional version, with resources by CIB and SkarmonyX.
With the overlords version of the mod, Super Mutant Overlords have a chance to spawn in place of a Super Mutant Master, they are the ultimate bullet sponge with 600 HP + all associated resistances so you'll likely have to sweat a bit more than usual to bring them down. They may spawn with Super Sledges, Gatling Lasers, Missile Launchers or the good old Tri-Beam Laser Rifle. Plus, their idles have been also restored, so they come with complete hit reactions, get up animations, exploding pants (oops, weak point!) and a few variety ones while not in combat.

Install either the regular or overlord version by dropping the .esp file, textures and meshes folders in your Data folder, and activate the .esp.
As with all such mods altering actors, Super Mutants you had already encountered will probably not have their actor effect list updated with the new effects, but you can remedy this by resurrecting them with the console for example, or in the case of companions leaving them somewhere/dismissing them and waiting three or so days in another cell before they rejoin might also do the trick. Uninstalling might leave stats altered to persist, I haven't really checked.

Credit for this mod goes to PineappleSurprise, for putting together the first Overlords mod for New Vegas, and CIB & Skarmonyx for their resources. Be sure to drop them a kudos.