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Pip-Boy Holo Panel mod rewritten from scratch, now ESPless, with option to choose whether PA only or not, plus new features, bug fixes, and customizations.

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Made with performance in mind. For those who just want to get things done and skip having to wait for the Pip-Boy to pull up every single time. It attempts to turn the Pip-Boy into a regular character/inventory menu that comes up the instant one hits the button.

  • ESPless - zero headache, fits anywhere
  • Plug-And-Play - new method that removes the Pip-Boy and the glove without unequipping either, safe to disable/uninstall any time
  • PA Only Or Not - choose between making it a full Pip-Boy remover or power armor only (PA Only is off by default)
  • Fast & Responsive - building off of Instant and Faster Pipboy (No Stutter), with even more speed options (Instant speed by default)
  • Perfect Alignment - consistent male and female Pip-Boys, perfectly centered interface
  • Better Readability - expanded interface that uses more screen place
  • Improved Graphics - textures are made from scratch and larger
  • Hardcore Counters - Track your hardcore needs without having to dig through the stats tab every time
  • Customizable - animation speed, amount of wavering, sounds, size, color tint and brightness of the background, etc
  • Color Support - adopts any Pip-Boy color, full support for MAPMO - Main and Pause Menus Overhaul
  • Interface Styles - comes with two default interface styles, more may be added in the future
  • Bug Fixes - minigun style weapons no longer reequip themselves and reset the ammo type after accessing the Pip-Boy
  • Clean Menu - minimal visual jarringness, clean and quick ease in/out, with options to remove scanlines, distortions, menu shaking, etc
  • Keep The Glove - Pip-Boy wearing NPCs get to keep their Pip-Boy glove
  • High Compatibility - works seamlessly with any replacer or standalone wrist mounted Pip-Boy if PA Only is enabled

JohnnyGuitar NVSE
kNVSE Animation Plugin
ShowOff xNVSE Plugin
Improved Console (NVSE)

Fully compatible with texture mods intended for the original holo panel, just be sure to set Style=1 to switch the interface back to the original one.

Fully compatible with any replacer or standalone wrist mounted Pip-Boy.

Mostly compatible with hand held Readius and Pip-Boy 2500. To make it work, set HandHeldSupport=1, then disable the hand held esp files - Readius_NV.esp / pipboy2500_edisleado.esp. If using Readius, unpack and delete BSA. Do NOT use Universal Pip-Boy Customization. When switching in or out of power armor in the menu, the Pip-Boy will disappear. Reopening the Pip-Boy will correct this.

Mobile Pip-Boy Light - NVSE is incompatible. It will cause the Pip-Boy light to look like it's underground.

While the mod will automatically equip the Pip-Boy upon loading a save, it won't equip the Pip-Boy glove, if it was previously unequipped. If this applies and you wish to have the glove again, use the console command "Player.EquipItem PipBoyGlove".

Known Issues & Limitations
With PA only option enabled, when switching to or out of power armor in the inventory, the imagespace modifier (background color tint) and FOV won't update until after closing the Pip-Boy. As far as I know, this is a game limitation and there's nothing I can do.

Simple Power Armor HUD, No PipBoy in Power Armor, and Pip-Boy Counters For Rads And Hardcore Needs.