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New Female and Male Hairstyles for Humans, Elves and Orcs. Converted hair from Sims2 and Sims3.
Standalone version.

Permissions and credits

Adds 216 new hairstyles for Females and Males.

Hairstyles converted from Sims, Oblivion and Witcher


How to install manually or with NMM and activate in Skyrim launcher, click picture for full view.

RaceMenu by Expired lets you have hundreds of hairs installed without giving CTD in showracemenu.

Racemenu requires SKSE
Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)


How to change the hair on your existing character:
On PC, open console(`) and type showracemenu -enter- It brings up the character customization menu.
- Make sure you are in the third person view before editing your character, otherwise you will be invisible, and unable to see the changes made on your character
showracemenu- will NOT modify your attributes/skills/points/etc. unless you change the race, sex, or select a preset from the list.
Modifying purely cosmetic things like hair will leave your points unchanged.If the character moves it's hands in front like they were tied,
it's a clear indication that the skills will be messed up,if the hands remain parallel to the body it's fine.
A way to fix the modified attributes error is to simply re-equip your gear.
You also need to re-enter (or change) your name.

How to change the hair on NPC:
Note-there is a bug in the Creation Kit that makes the NPC that you make changes to have color mismatch (Face/Body)
follow these guidelines to avoid the problem.

Creation Kit version:
This is how I fixed the color mismatch on Lydia after changing her hair.

Lydias Steele armor by Killer Keos

Open Creation Kit with Skyrim.esm and ApachiiSkyHair.esm selected but not as active.
Locate the pre-existing NPC you want to give new hair.

Edit the Actor > Character Gen Parts tab.

Under Base Head Parts list select the Apachii hair you want your character to use

Choose preview full on your character,
if you choose preview head the hair does not show on the character

Error messages about the tri files, just ignore the messages - click OK and continue.

Close the characters window.

In the Object Window, find the base Actor you've just edited.
With the Actor selected in the list, press ctrl+F4. Click "Yes" when prompted to export.

This will create 2 new face textures DDS files with the NPCs ID number
(example - data/Textures/Actors/Character/FaceGenData/FaceTint/Skyrim.esm.

It also creates a head meshes with the NPCs ID number(example - 000B997F.NIF)
in Data/meshes/actors/character/FaceGenData/FaceGeom/Skyrim.esm

Keep the meshes and textures.

Make a plugin with the character changes.

Companion Vorstag with Male hair 18

Why do I have color mismatch on NPC faces after installing an NPC mod that uses your hairs?
If you have an NPC changing mod that is made with the CK you have to also install
all the created - exported- head meshes and face textures - face tints for every changed NPC or else every changed NPC will have a grey-green face.
Make sure you install all the files from the NPC mod.

Bald head problem?
Try this ini fix:
In Documents-My Games-Skyrim
skyrim.ini file
-> change 0 to 1

If the ini fix is not enough to make it work you can also try to install:
Racecompatibility mod by TMPhoenix

Why can't I load skyrim.ESM and ApachiiHair.ESM at the same time in the CK?
Add bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1 under [General] in SkyrimEditor.ini in your /Skyrim folder.

Why do I have duplicates - triplicates or more version of every hair in the showracemenu?
If you install a NPC changing mod that uses the NPC editor to give NPCs my hairs then for every changed NPC it will create a duplicate of every hair in my mod in showracemenu.

The mod is not working, no hairs shows up in the showracemenu?
Possible problem that you may have:
1-Not activated the mod in the Skyrim launcher
2-Have not installed all the files

Why can't I activate your esm file in the Skyrim launcher, the Data files option is greyed out?
If you can't select files in the launcher go to - DocumentsMy GamesSkyrim
- Open SkyrimPrefs.ini
- In the text look for
bEnableFileSelection=1 (if this is 0 change it to 1)

My character gets bald when using a helmet, what can be done to fix this?

You have to install my ApachiiHelmetWigs_v_1_0 under optional files.
Equipable Wigs for use under helmet and hats.
Craft them at the forge or get them for free from a barrel outside Riften Stable.

What mod is the hats from in your wig mod pictures?
Hats and bandana in the wigs pictures from this mods:
Hats from Bobs Armory Skyrim by Mr Dave
Bandana from Iorveth Armor by L0rd0fWar

Why is the long hair or long braids floating above my characters chest?
The hair is made to not clip into my character that uses CBBE curvy heavy body with armor.
I am working on making some of the hairs fit close to characters with small boobs.

What face-body-textures have I used in the screenshots?
Face - Mix between High Res Face by Geonox-
and Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi
Body: Textures from Robert Male body meshes by FS and vector

Face - My own mixed-merged-tweaked in Photoshop with the base from Coverwoman -
my own normalmap and eyebrows
Body: Meshes and body textures CBBE Curvy -

Female Khajiit
body meshes CBBE Curvy, textures CBBE official
Face: Coverkhajiits by mrLenski

Male Khajiit
Face: Coverkhajiits by mrLenski

HN66s Long Eye Lashes by humannature66
Iridum Eyes by Halendia
Covereyes by mrLenski
Natural Eyes by nevenbridge
Flans Eyes for Skyrim

Skyrim mod spotlight 2016. ApachiiSkyHair main mod. [60FPS|1080p]
by Sinitar Gaming

2012-10-17 Skyrim Mod Spotlight: Apachii Sky Hair by insane0hflex

Beautiful video by energyzka - showing hair 07

2012-02-19 MMOxReview - Mod of the week - Apachii Sky Hair

Known Issues:
- Bald under helmet, When using a helmet no hair is showing under the helmet to avoid clipping.
- Install my wig mod for use under helmet under optional files, works for all races male and female.
- CTD when changing sex-race in showracemenu - Install Racemenu by expired
- Error about tri file in CK when adding my hair to NPC, just ignore the messages - click OK and continue.

Recommended ENB mod to use with Apachii Sky Hair:
Un-activate SSAO in ENB if you want the best hair experience
Seasons of Skyrim ENB True HDR by Bronze316
RealLike ENB by s3b3k87
ENBPM- OLD VERSION - v1.998b - Atmospheric ENB Series by PMind

Supporting mods for changing hair color:

RaceMenu by Expired

Mods using Apachii Sky Hair:
There are a lots of mods using Apachii Skyhair I only put some of them here.
Apachii Hair Styles on NPCS by Spewed -
Natural Characters and Companions - PyHarmonic
Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite - by Migal
Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul by Rops1981
Foxy Farkas by kichigaikikyokagome

Thank you to all Original authors, without them there would be no hairs.

Apachii - Conversions of sims hair, rigging, alpha/textures edits.
Geonox - Hair creation and Sims conversion.
Jeir - help with hair textures color to better match Skyrims hair colors.

Original authors for Sims2 and Sims 3 hairs:
Nightcrawler sims -
8k sims -
Almighty Hat -
Adele -
Anto - -
Geonox - - -
Peggy -
Ren -
NewSea -
Nouk - -
Kozaburo -
Lapiz Lazuli-
idkrrr - Saram race and hairs -
FourTSeven (Caitlyn)
ciboulettebis -
Fantasyrogue -
ClayPidgeon162 - A Girl with a Dragon Tattoo - - Charley Custom Race ver 2_2
Studio Maya -
Lunar Eclipse -
Raonjena Sims -
Cazy -
Leah - Roses for Nighrcrawler hair

Hair conversion Witcher:
AlphaWolF - Witcher Ultimate MOD -

Original author: CD Projekt -

Original author Oblivion:
RGMs Navatar Race

Hair conversions Oblivion:
Room207 - Conversion of NewSea hair and Peggy hair from his mod - CCC - Comprehensive Cosmetic Compilation -
Juno1 - LUCHA - conversion of Peggy hair
LUCHA - conversion of Coolsims hair and Raonjena Sims hair and Helga curly
LaughingVampire1990 for the race mod Demoness from where I used peggy hairs -
ziitch - Conversion ofCazy Hair Pack -
chakaru11 - hair from CM Pym -
Ren - Rens Beauty Pack -

Hair conversions Skyrim:
Chris57 - Better males -

Beta testers
Kayin, dollparts, Cyshix, tackymoe, Butch93h

Thank you my friends for your ideas and encouragement
Urshi and Tereza

Logo design, covermagazines

Programs/tools used to make the mod:
SimPE - http://sims.ambertat...ldownload.shtml
Sims3 Tools -
Blender -
Python -
PyFFI - http://sourceforge.n...group_id=199269
NIF Scripts - http://sourceforge.n...ckage_id=166219
Bethesda Softworks - The Creation Kit
Tomas Blaho_WTV_DDS file viewer - http://developer.nvi...ure_viewer.html
View TGA Thumbnail -
NifSkope The NifTools team - http://niftools.sour...t/wiki/NifTools
Adobe_Photoshop CS5
NVIDIA Photoshop plugin -
DDS Thumbnail Viewer -
7zip -

You can find me on the as "apachii"
You can find me on as "apachii"
You can send me an e-mail: [email protected]

I have permission from original author or have used free resource.
Please PM me or send an e-mail with your requests.
No upload to Steam Workshop

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