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This mod adds an assortment of heroes from a variety of Fire Emblem games. Mainly from Path of Radiance right now, and several from earlier games.

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This mod adds an assortment of heroes from a variety of Fire Emblem games. Mainly from Path of Radiance right now, and several from earlier games. I will be adding more from requests and from heroes I like in the different games.

All of these heroes are Followers, Essential, Marriageable, and have Local Dismissing.

Most of them have Light foot to avoid traps (A scatter one might be missing it who I forgot to give it to).

Right now includes:

Ike - 1-Handed Warrior (Blades, Armsman) - Riverwood

Soren - Mage (Destruction, Conjure, Alteration) - Bleak Falls

Mist - CombatMonk (Restoration, Alteration) - Riverwood

Elincia - 1-Handed Warrior (Blades, Armsman) - Whiterun

Boyd - 1-Handed Warrior (Armsman, Hack, Axes) - Farm outside of Whiterun

Oscar - 1-Handed Warrior (Blades, Armsman) - Farm outside of Whiterun

Wolt - Scout (Ranger. Bows) - Farm outside of Whiterun

Gatrie - 1-Handed Warrior (Armsman, Shieldwall) - Whiterun

Nephenee - 1-Handed Warrior (Blades) - Ivarstead

Astrid - Ranger (Bow, Stealth) - Trying to run away... never got far, imprisoned. Engaged to Harrald (Ack!)

Lucia - Assassin (Blades, Dual, Stealth) - Whiterun

Micaiah - Mage (Destruction, Conjure, Alter, Restoration) - Winterhold

Sothe - Lockpick Rogue (Dual, Blades, Lockpick, Stealth) - Imprisoned

Lyn - Nightingale (Swords, Bows, Dual) - Dawnstar

Nils - Bard (Blades, Bow, Illusion) - Working for a Jarl.

Ninian - Bard (Blades, Bow, Illusion) - Bard College

Lucina - I-Handed Warrior (Blades, Shields) - Solitude

Jaffar - Assassin (Blades, Assassin, Stealth, Dual) - Secret Mission

Heather - Rogue (Blades, Bows, Stealth, Dual) - Spy Mission

Beowolf - 2-Handed Warrior (Greatsword, War Hammer, Batteaxe) - Markath

Ayra - Assassin (Dual, Stealth, Blades) - Markath

Sigurd - 1-Handed Warrior (Blades, Shields) - Solitude Palace

There are several secret characters hidden away, right now 3 others. I consider them Easter Eggs, and will be adding more later. You can find clues to where to find them through journals/notes in follower inventory. (Not completely added yet, see Sigurd in-game for an example).

Companions are not just found in inns, check a variety of buildings, areas related to the towns listed.

Forum Talk:

-Only provide constructive suggestions. Anything I decide is remotely rude I will block and report. I don't need to deal with people crap.

-Don't ask questions about requirements or crash to desktops, this mod acts like any other companion mod and works fine.

-Make sure you have the required files or you will CRASH. Get over it and fix it, not my problem.

-If you don't like my choices in recommended mods or creative adaptations, that's your issue, not mine (Again block coming your way).


-Apachihair Full 1.5
-Apachii Females 1.3
-Apachii Males 1.1
-More Hair Colors -

Recommended but not required (I use these):

-Female Body Type, Calientes
-Better Males (Younger faces merged with men)
-Bella's Makeup
-Urshi Smooth face testures (Males)
-TERA Armor's
-Netherwalks Hirelings, Companions, and Housecarls.
-Bandana's (Ike and Boyd)
-Jaysus Swords


-Copy the .esp file (Fire Emblem Companions Assorted) to your Data folder.
-Copy and paste the mesh and texture folders as well to data folder, merge with mesh and texture there when prompted.
-Activate in NMM
-(Or download via mod manager and install)


-Feel free to make any requests for followers from the worlds of Fire Emblem through the mods forum or PM me.


All of these characters are the properly of Nintendo Intelligent Systems. This version is my homage to their creations. They are merely adaptions in how I believe those characters would look in the world of Skyrim.

Thank you to Bethesda, and to the many talented modders of the Nexus.