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Rollo is Ragnar's ever conflicted brother. He is constantly tested by those who wish to betray Ragnar.

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I made this NPC just for fun. I uploaded Siggy yesterday, and decided Rollo would be next. If you like my work and want to see more of the Vikings cast, leave a comment saying so and I will continue. As I get more experienced, maybe I will be able to port some of the lines from the show over to be used as lines for the characters.

He is marriageable, and a potential follower. He uses a battleaxe to fight and has a tank fighting style. He uses no spells. By default he likes the player just to make things easier.

I am doing this for fun so I will never ask to be paid, but donations are always welcome and may provide incentive for future works like the town of Kattegat near the sea or something along those lines.

His hair color and eyes are a bit off. I will fix the hair and upload a new version later today. If you know of any fixes for the eyes, please let me know because I am hating trying to use what the the NPC editor and creation kit come with.