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A simple, (currently) few frills follower who resides in the Four Shields Tavern at Dragon Bridge.

Permissions and credits
I added a dialogue toggle for Essential/Non-Essential (so as to cater to preferences). I'm aware that it doesn't work with mods like Amazing Follower Tweaks that already have that covered, the toggle will do nothing in that case. If you experience any problems otherwise, let me know so I can try and figure out how to fix it.

She defaults to non-essential. To change whether or not she is Essential, after her quest and while she is a follower select "I want to talk to you about longevity." The rest is self-explanatory.

ApachiiSkyHair (confirmed CTD on Main Menu without).

Highly Recommended:
Fuz Ro D'oh - Silent Voice (else you'll miss dialogue, and it saves me a lot of time in not making blank sound files for dialogue.)

This is my first attempt at mod-making, so I decided to start with something as simple as creating a new Redguard follower. I noticed that the Sleeping Giant Inn at Riverwood was getting kind of crowded, because of this she is placed in the Four Shields Tavern at Dragon Bridge. Currently, she's little more than a basic redguard follower, with some probably horrible perks and spells.

Feel free to post screenshots, comments, suggestions, etc. Feedback is all very welcome.

Currently, she has the following spells:
Conjure Familiar
Dead Thrall
Dread Zombie
Raise Zombie

...and the following perks:
Twin Souls
Light Foot
Restoration Apprentice
Magic Resistance
Agile Defender
Custom Fit
Wind Walker
Deft Movement
Assassin's Blade
Fighting Stance
Savage Strike
Conjuration Master

Extract to Skyrim's Data folder or use the Mod Manager of your choice.

1. Dismiss Luceid, exit Four Shields Tavern and save the game.
2. Quit to Desktop.
and either
3a. Uninstall with your Mod Manager.
3b. Remove Luceid.esp and Luceid.bsa from Skyrim's Data folder.
4. Mourn her loss.
5. Done.

File Credits
ApachiiSkyHair (required, fantastic)
Enhanced Character Edit (used to make)

As Seen in Screenshot and Suggested:
RANs Eye Reflection Extender
RANs HeadMesh Variants (used Round-faced)
Real Girls Realistic Body Texture
UNBP Blessed Body - UNPB Redux Project
Smurfs in Skyrim

Thanks to:
Devilmarkus for both fixing my .bsa and helping me IMMENSELY throughout the long and arduous process of learning.
osunius for helping me with the script to toggle Essential.