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This mod adds a building near Whiterun for all your Jedi needs.

Permissions and credits
FEATURED BY ZoeyProasheck of the Yogscast:

2/5/13 - 1.4 - New Force Power: Pull. Added Jedi archive. 4 new NPCs that walk around and actually use the beds that are in the Enclave.
2/4/13 - 1.3.2 - I fixed a few bugs that came with the removal of the Apachii Hair requirement
1/31/13 - 1.3 - There are now Jedi Robes available for purchase at the vendor. There is a new Force Power called Jedi Reflexes. It slows down time and takes costs a lot of magicka to cast. ApachiiSkyHair is no longer required.
1/29/13 - 1.2.1 - Bug Fixes and Slight Tweaks to the inside of the building.
1/28/13 - 1.2 - I changed the location again to be farther from Whiterun. Two new Jedi Council members are around to teach Block and Alteration. Bug Fix: The followers will now follow you in and out of the building.
1/28/13 - 1.1 - I changed the location to be across from the Whiterun watchtower.

To Everyone updating from 1.2.1, please do a clean install to get everyone to wear the new outfits.
ApachiiSkyHair is no longer required as the hairstyles are now bundled with this mod.

If you like this mod or the idea, please endorse this. Even though I made this mod for myself, I would love to let the world know of this mod.

Skyrim Update 11(

Special Thanks:
Lord Haun & Aberation - Magicka Sabers -
Avenger86 - Star Wars Force Abilities -
YamiElisa - Ambrosia Fashions -
Apachii - ApachiiSkyHair -

This mod includes the Magicka Sabers and Force Abilities Mods that I mentioned above. If you have either of the two mods, it would be best to delete them.

This mods takes both the Magicka Sabers and Star Wars Force Abilities mod and puts them together into one Jedi mod. This mod adds a Jedi Enclave building across from the Battle-Born Farm. Inside, it is your one-stop place for all your Jedi needs. There are 10+ new NPCs. The five members of the Skyrim Jedi Council train you in five skills that are recommended to be a good Jedi (Destruction, Illusion, Alteration, Sneak, Block, One-Handed, and Two-Handed). This also adds two marriable followers who are also Jedi. Rilanja is a Jedi Consular who uses Force Lightning and a Lightsaber. Tyson is a Jedi Guardian and just uses a Lightsaber.

The next major part of the mod is the shop. The shop includes everything you need to be a Jedi which includes Lightsaber parts, Lightsabers(Credit to Lord Haun), Jedi Robes(Credit to YamiElisa) and Force Holocrons(Credit to Avenger86).

Future Versions:
Create Sith Enclave???
Wandering Jedi NPCs throughout Skyrim
Decorate the Jedi Enclave a bit more
More Force Powers

2/4/2013 - In 1.4, there will be a Jedi Archive added along with an extra force power.
1/31/2013 - I am almost done with 1.3. Stay tuned!
1/30/2013 - I am currently working on 1.3. There will be one additional force power called Jedi Reflex. There will also be Jedi Robes available to purchase although they will be expensive. You will need to do a clean install of 1.3 if you are upgrading from 1.2.1 because I will be changing the attire of everyone in the enclave.
1/29/2013 - For those you you who downloaded the mod yesterday, thanks. I know there have been a lot of bugs that I fixed so quick after launch so thanks for being so patient. The first day was great.
1/28/2013 - I have decided against adding Jedi Robes. I want to keep this mod as lore friendly as possible. The Jedi Enclave here recruits from the local species. They are not very established and therefore, they will resort to using enchanted robes. I will be adding enchanted robes but not Jedi Robes ripped from Kotor. (also, the skins are too low res).

Some NPCs will walk into walls.
The Council Members will sometimes not sit down.