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The cast of Final Fantasy 8 as followers. Villains added as separate file.

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This is my first mod that i have actually uploaded to the nexus. im new to the creation kit as i started skyrim on ps3 and transitioned to pc. i appreciate any feedback, just be nice please. I have plans to attempt to create shinra tower and shinra mansion....

All followers are set as potential marriage partners.
I have added the following characters:

Squall- 2 handed/heavy armor
Rinoa- Destruction magic
Zell- Combat Monk recommend adding a fist weapon mod)
Seifer-2handed/ heavyarmor
Ward- combat barbarian/2 handed
Edea- Ice Mage

i now added a second file containing Edea, Adel, Seifer, and Ultimecia as villains. they can be gound in Helgen,
warning: Ultimecia is extremely powerful and has a ton of health, magika and stamina.recommended being high lvl and bringing many followers.


Sky Revolution-
Fist Weapons-
Nordic Spears-
More Followers-

file 1 companions can be found in:
riften- temple of mara
Dawnstar- windpeak inn
Rorikstead- inn
Windhelm- Palace of the Kings
Falfreath- Jarl's Longhouse
Whiterun- Jorrvaskr

File 2 Companions can be found in:
Whiterun- Dragonsreach

Villains can be found in:
Helgen- Inside the main gate

Change Log:
Version 1.0- added core companions

Version 1.2- minor editing

Version 2.0- added Edea
Added a seperate villain file

version 2.5- bug fixes to villain file

version 3.0- fixed facetint issue
thanks to:
Scorpiovaedon for the inspiration and permission to do this mod.
Bethesda for creating this amazing game, that is made more so with mods.
The modding community for all your hard work and dedication
the modding community for helpful feedback to improve this mod.