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Preset from my Breton character.

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This is the Preset for my Breton character Crystal.

I gave her elf ears, because I wanted to bring out the elf side in the breton race.
But I will also upload her without elf ears.

-How to install-

you first need to unzip it and than you need to go to your
And all you need to do is drop the file there!

-Trouble getting the face looking the same-

Download the optional file, Unzip and paste the file in your 
Then when you're in game open the console and typ: showracemenu.
Now you're in the character creation all you need to do now is:
Go to sculpt and Import (Press F9) the optional file you just downloaded (the NIF file) and it should be fixed!

If you still have trouble let me know and I'll look into it!

- follower -
The awesome mfeile1974 made Crystal into a follower!
Crystal - Healer Trainer Follower

- Mods used and/or needed -
Fair skin complexion
The eyes of beauty

- Not required but recommended -

UNP Female Armors
Eye Normal Map Fix
Hoods and Circlets

- Do not reupload and do not without my permission -