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A remodelling of one of the most useful Followers in Skyrim, Borgakh the Steel Heart. Enhanced looks and modified perks & stats, keeping what makes her unique and unconventional.

Permissions and credits
- Orc Warrior 1H Block Sneak Archery
- made Essential
- Crime: Violence vs. enemies
- can be married
- Auto-level up

TES WIKI Page about the vanilla NPC, so you can compare and have further background infos.

Borgakh is a very useful follower, easy to get and the perfect bride for an Orc player... or if you're into green women with fangs.
Anyway. I wanted to make her prettier and less scary without losing her toughness. She's still that badass warrior but without the dirt, the pigface, the oversized chin & all. Just sexier.

I also added relevant perks & boosted a bit her speed & energy, but unlike other mods I remained close to the original character, i.e. a cunning warrior that can shoot, slash, block and sneak even with a heavy gear, and who never complains or retreat.

Now she can Bash properly, make a Powershot with her bow, and is way better with a sword (Bladesman 2)... and other skills like basic sneaking perks (lvl.1) or Savage Strike - very orcish indeed. These mods were not only made to strenghten Borgakh, but mainly to reinforce her specific traits and fighting style.

That being said, a great thanks to BETHESDA (of course) and to the creators of these mods:

RECOMMENDED - for the looks only. Not needed if you just want slightly improved perks & stats.

Apachii SkyHair - who doesn't have it already? Come on!

Better Females by Bella, another classic.

Borgakh will not look exactly like the pictures i took without these mods. I didn't include their orcish female face textures/meshes but if you insist I will ask 4 their permission.


The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam

Dimonized UNP Body by Dimon99

I did that mod while using that body mod as a player, but any other body should work fine. Let me know in comments.


- Download manually (I know, I don't use NMM)
- Unzip with Winrar
- Copy into your Skyrim/Data folder


Just remove the files!

GREY FACE BUG TIP: as with any other Follower mod, there can be a "grey face" bug due to the CK. It shouldn't occur now, but if It does, open the .esp with the CK, select Borgakh on the Actors tab and press Ctrl+F4. it will (re)create the needed meshes & textures.
Normally you won't have to, because I already included those files, but with the buggy CK, who knows? ^^

FEEDBACK is always appreciated on the Comments section, as well as thoughful suggestions (ex: change warpaints? mix?) but no Trolling please.

OPTIONAL FILE ADDED: French Version - Version française.

TES WIKI Page about the vanilla NPC, so you can compare and have further background infos.