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Every single vampire NPC from Vanilla and Dawnguard - named or unnamed - is remade; without "bat noses," with VTF compatibility (no color mismatch) and ApachiiSkyHair on most.

Permissions and credits
For anyone checking out this page: This mod has been completely rebuilt! 

This version will work as advertised for users of VTF, and I will keep it available for people
who want vampire NPC's to use a custom skin texture. However, now that I've had more
experience with modding, I have come to the conclusion that VTF is bad news. Its edits to
the vampire race record cause an incredible variety of compatibility issues, and this mod
only scratches the surface in terms of fixing it.

There were also a lot of things I could have done better when I first made this, and rebuilding
it from scratch was the only way to put it right. I've done the same thing I did here, but in
a way that does not rely on race edits OR custom textures. It is now an extremely basic NPC
overhaul with much wider compatibility, restoring the human appearance of Dawnguard vampires
and also making them all a little bit hotter, because we all know vampires need to look hott.

I remade every Vampire NPC in Skyrim.
All of them. New face, new hair, no more bat noses!
Over 140 evil blood-crazed NPC's lookin' hott, feelin' hott

* WITH the up-to-date Male & Female hair packs *
Main version 1.5+, Female Hair 1.4+, Male Hair 1.2+
Your game will crash horribly without ALL of the above!

VTF - Vampire Texture Framework
This is not actually "required" in the sense that your game would crash, 
but every HOTT VAMPIRE may have a neck seam if you're not using it!

...And the whole reason I started this stupid project was to get rid of neck seams!

Porcelain Vampire Skin
BVFE - Better Vampire Fangs & Eyes

Skin / eye textures shown in my screenshots are not included. 
This mod uses whatever custom textures you have installed! 
Note: if you like the yellow cat eyes that I use, I got those from the "Seranaholic" mod. 

For VTF users, this should increase compatibility between your custom skin textures and vampire NPC's. You can either match the look in my screenshots exactly, or go in a whole different direction!

The beauty of it is that you get to design your OWN vampires by dropping your favorite body textures into the VTF folder. My mod is basically one huge compatibility patch for VTF and Dawnguard, smoothing out a ton of little problems that kept the game from properly recognizing those custom texture paths. Now EVERY VAMPIRE is specifically tailored to work with VTF, and as a bonus, they each got a little makeover.

Again, VTF is not strictly required in order to run this mod, but - ironically - it's going to have a bit of trouble with VANILLA texture paths. I'm not sure, but you might be able to hammer it into shape by perfectly replacing every possible vampire-related texture with your regular human body/face textures. If you try it, let me know how it works out.

A patch is available for users who don't have Dawnguard...
Get it. It's good!

A patch is available for users who don't have ApachiiSkyHair...

Seriously though, do not even think about asking me for a version without these requirements! 
90% of the work I did here was putting Apachii hair on Dawnguard NPC's. That's practically all this mod IS.
We're talking about 140+ NPC's here, and I'm not doing them over, ever. This took F---ing forever. 
Thank you for understanding.
(It's funny how I said this back then, and then did it.)

You have my permission to make your own mod that puts different hair on different NPC's!
Here's the story, the "why" if you will: A while ago I downloaded the excellent Serana overhaul Seranaholic, and then further customized Serana with Porcelain Vampire Skin. Her new look was ghostly pale with bright yellow eyes. Very cool Vampire look, but suddenly every other vampire NPC in the game looked like a different species... with Dawnguard's "butt face" effect. The mismatch bothered me, so I downloaded VTF in an effort to turn all the other vampires pale, yellow-eyed, and un-butt-faced.

It didn't quite work, though, really through no fault of the mod authors involved. My game had old facegen data rattling around in its subfolders, giving every vampire a nasty body/face mismatch. It seemed to be a common problem for VTF users.

I knew the only real fix was to re-export the facegen data of EVERY VAMPIRE after ensuring that their body and face textures looked right with VTF loaded. I figured, as long as I was manually inspecting/fixing EVERY VAMPIRE, I might as well make it fun and give them better faces and cool new hair. And really it wasn't until late in this process, when I was starting to regret ever starting it, that it occurred to me to upload it on the Nexus. Basically it took so f---ing long I figured I should save everybody the trouble of ever doing it again.

I actually overhauled Serana too, even though I'm still just going to use Seranaholic myself. If you don't use any Serana mods besides this, she'll at least fit in with the other vampires. I changed her race from "Nord" to "Nord Vampire" and fixed the VTF texture paths.

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