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An unkillable mage found by the guard tower in Markarth

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Arianna Follower Readme

Arianna is a magic-based, essential Breton follower found outside the guard tower in Markarth. She is equipped with Master Robes of Restoration, and has healing and Destruction spells. She Equips the magic while in combat, but strangely, she draws a bow when outside combat.

She is also able to be married, if you want a battlemage wife.

Please share your images of Arianna in battle.

This mod also includes the Essential Lydia Mod, because I built this mod using it as a starting point. v1.1 will remove this.

I am using other mods in the screenshot, but they are not required, and are completely unrelated. I am using the Dimonized UNP skinny body. It is not needed, but I highly recommend it anyway.

Get it here:

--Mysterious bow. Not placed in inventory, just gets equipped with no arrows.

-- "Grey Face Bug" - sometimes the textures glitch out a bit. Open the .esp with the CK, select the top actor in the "Actors" section (this character) and hit Ctrl and F4. It will export the meshes and textures into your Data directory. I've done everything I humanly can to prevent this, but it still happens sometimes.

Update Log
--v1.0 - initial release

--v2.0 - Removed Essential Lydia, Set voice to Female - Young Eager

--v3.0 - Cosmetic tweaks, added perks for combat effectiveness, tweaked spell list