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This mod adds a new female follower by the name of Elpelin Pinegrove, but you have to complete a radiant bounty quest. After quest completion, she becomes a merchant who sells you just about everything and can train you in marksmanship up to 100.

Permissions and credits
You will find Elpelin Pinegrove in Solitude at first to where she will give you a Radiant Bounty Quest. After completion of this quest, find her and talk to her for your reward which is basically and overpowered reward of daedric arrows, enchanted daedric bow, enchanted daedric armor, and a lot of gold. After this, you get a new follower. enjoy!!!

Trainer= Yes, she is a marksman trainer who will train you up to level 100 in marksmanship.
Merchant= Yes, she has just about everything for sale, so enjoy.
Voice Type= FemaleSultry
Combat Style= csHumanMissle
Gift Filter= GiftThief
Starting Armor= HunterOutfit04
Equipment= Long Bow, Torch, 1000 Iron Arrows