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Lady Galadriel from lord of the rings as a follower.

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“In Dwimordene, in Lorien
Seldom have walked the feet of Men,
 Few mortal eyes have seen the light
That lies there ever,long and bright.

Clear is the water of your well;
White is the star in your white hand;
Unmarred,unstained is leaf and land
In Dwimordene,in Lorien
More fair than thoughts of Mortal Men.”
 ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers



My second character mod trial with NPC Editor that went well! :D
At first, I made it just for trial purposes, but as I received many requests to release her as a follower, here it is. AGAIN - I made her with NPC editor so there wasn't much I could edit. I'm new to modding so I really don't know how to do it with creation kit and all '-'

Lady Galadriel, of Lothlorien, made based on the wonderful Cate Blanchett,
who gave life to her in the movies.
She doesn't come with the dress or circlet from the pictures, for that use the recomended mods

She is a mage, and if you use Amazing follower tweaks (as I do) you can manage how you want her in combat.

Location: Whiterun - The Bannered Mare

Installation and credits:
My thanks to rjoscher who fixed the esp file problems!;D

Just download MANUALLY and install normally with nmm, or put the folders in their respective on skyrim data folder.

Known issues:
She may not appear: if that happens, her ref id, 
XX040000, xx is the load order number, is my game it's 01
or try this: sne16842752

While in combat, she may be random attacked by another follower or attack them: at first that stressed me a lot but instead of trying friendly fire mods (which I already use), when that happens, I just open the console, click her, and type disable, then enable again, that will make her disappear and appear and will stop the fight. Same for other followers attacking each other.

Required Mods:
You may try to load her without any of these, but if it doesn't work:
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii:
The eyes of beauty by LogRaam:
Brows by Hvergelmir:

She will NOT look like the screenshots if you don't use SG female textures renewal - , may look similar with others, I haven't tested.

Elven Dresses (the wedding dress) :
KDCirclets Redone (for the elven circlets) :