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No more bland hunters/vampires/treasure seekers/Thalmor/Orcs, etc, this mod will improve upon the appearance of every background vanilla NPC in the game!

Permissions and credits
  The version currently on the Nexus is an NPC overhaul of Skyrim's VANILLA background NPCs. No Dawnguard or Dragonborn NPCs were touched in this version, and as such, Dawnguard and Dragonborn are not required for this.

A list of every faction touched in this mod:

Vigilant's of Stendarr
Thalmor soldiers/wizards/archers
Hunters/Orc Hunters
Vampires/Master Vampires
Civil War Soldiers
Town Guards
Alik'r Warriors

Go checkout my invasion overhaul for a much more unique and difficult Skyrim experience!


KS Hairdos


1. Install with NMM.
2. Profit.

  Sometimes, you see a vampire, and you think, wow! That's a fantastically normal looking person for a MASTER VAMPIRE!
Or maybe you see an Orc and wonder why the bastards all look the same?
Maybe those High Elves from the Aldemeri Dominion,  and their clone-like uniformity?
Every hunter has a facebug? Come on!

Fluff aside, folks, this mod is my personal taste of what I'd like NPCs in Skyrim to look like!

This mod edits every vanilla background NPC in Skyrim.

No leveled list changes were made during this mod. This mod only changes the looks of Vanilla Skyrim NPCs and should be compatible with anything!

If you have a mod that places Apachii Hair or KS Hair on NPCs, this
is entirely compatible, you should just place my mod below theirs and
overwrite the Facegen files in your directory.

I tried to keep this mod as close to Lore-Friendly as I could while still
making the NPCs of Skyrim look as diverse as I could. It is entirely
up to taste what "Lore-Friendly" means, anyway!
Credits for hairs used goes to KS Hairdos and Apachii Hair.