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Job Van Dam -JVD-

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Adds Apachii's SkyHair to the majority of the new bandits added by Organized Bandits in Skyrim (OBIS)

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OBIS Version 1.61C

Hey yall! I did my time, served my sentence and now I'm on probation. Gotta watch my P's and Q's basically. For those wondering, I discussed it with my therapist, and I have a problem with biting my tongue when people say or do stupid things I consider stupid. I have to tell them there stupid, I can't just let it go. That's why I was suspended and that's what I'm trying to work on going forward. Godspeed.
I included the OBIS.esp in the download because with the whole latest patch after patch after patch after patch etc. a boatload of changes, fixes and changes from the USKP that I made were all removed at some point so I put them all back. Don't worry, you don't need to start a new game or anything and you won't notice anything different, it's all background stuff.
Czech OBIS - Organized Bandits In Skyrim -cesky preklad-

Special thanks to Apachii for permissions to use the baddest mod in Narnia and Middle Earth!!
I've always had trouble describing my emotions so I think this song sums it up. This is dedicated to Indigoblade. You complete me... man.

If you don't already have Organized Bandits in Skyrim (OBIS) in your load order I strongly suggest you get it.
No longer are bandits nameless, generic jokes. OBIS makes the vanilla bandits much more formidable and adds typical bandits such as melee, archer and mage inspired Alik'r but a growing amount of new lore friendly bandits. Such as:
- The Iron Bloods, gigantic fuckin tank bandits.
- Hidden Bandits, invisible dickheads.
- Butcher Bandits, makes Hannibal Lecter look like One Direction... complete with skinny jeans... I fuckin HATE skinny jeans.
- Bounty Bandits, 200 of these non-respawing unique bandits are waiting for you and these guys are always stronger than you. They also just found out there partner is leaving them for a fuckin Argonian.
All with lore friendly back stories OBIS adds over 900 new bandits to Skyrim. The mod is regularly updated with new content as well. No scripts either so it's safe to try out.

Quick Description
This mod adds Apachii's SkyHair to the majority of the new bandits added by Organized Bandits in Skyrim (OBIS)

Detailed Description
- Does not edit any of the vanilla bandits edited by OBIS. That means the Bandit Marauder, Outlaw, Plunderer, Lieutenant etc. series are just vanilla bandits renamed, I did not touch those.
- I didn't touch the Hiddens and Bonelords as they have helm's that can't be removed so it's pointless. Argonians as well just cause there fuckin dirty.
- Random Orc's, Khajiit's and Elves were not touched because there weren't many hair selections to begin with for those races so to avoid overkill I left random ones as is.
- It's packed with the FaceGenData to avoid gray face. Mine's loose file textures so it will overwrite the OBIS BSA. I personally went through each texture to ensure there are no graphical issues.
- Totally made in TES5edit so its crazy clean.


Load Order
OBIS ApachiiSkyHair.esp

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ApachiiSkyHair NPC Overhaul -- Adds Apachii's SkyHair to most citizens across Skyrim

Extended Information
- I decided to go with sequentially adding hairs cause I just wanted a even distribution of hairs.
- For the TES5edit users you'll see I just replaced or added a hair and sometimes I would change a specific Interpolation Value to 0.00000. Reason being is to avoid chocolate on yo forehead.
- When OBIS gets updated feel free to download it and await my upcoming update as well.
- If you feel a certain bandit would be better with a different hair, suggest it in the comments and I'll change it. Just provide me with the bandits name, race and gender.
- I'm not a helpful guy so don't bother asking for help.
- If you could only endorse one mod please endorse Indigo's OBIS or Apachii's SkyHair, I don't care for endorsements cause this mod I created for myself first and then decided to publish it.