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The drakians or Dovahkan are the child of the sky it is said that they have been on this plane for just as long as the Dov have. Their draconic heritage make them both mighty at controling the elements and very likely to enjoy conversation.

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The drakians or Dovahkan are the child of the sky it is said that they have been on this plane for just as long as the Dov have. Their draconic heritage make them both mighty at controling the elements and very likely to enjoy conversation.

I heavily recommand the true dragon wings from with this mod so to perfect your dragonkin ideals.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>VAMPIRE COMPATIBILITY FIX>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
this is the ''how to do'' for drakians who wish to become dracopyres (you might need to set your race to the vampire race via a console command)

Dawnguard vampire lord fix:
Since basicaly we dont have a perfect transfer system for custom race yet you will have to use the console to make the transition to vampire as drakian

console -> player.setrace drakianracevampire
console -> player.setrace drakianracewithhornsAvampire
console -> player.setrace drakianracewithhornsBvampire

this must be done before accepting transformation by harkon or it will not work

you can also try the dawnguard race compatibility fix availlable via this link wich should just do the same thing.

about non dawnguard player: since the drakian use a dawnguard eye for the vampire you will proly end up with empty eye soccet. dont panic just do showracemenu in the console a second eye choice is availlable for dracopyre you just need to switch to it (its the default drakian red eyes)

Now works with alternate starts! go get your shouts from priestess rakatosk


Scaled body: -50% damage from fire
Drakian scales: + 25 base armor
Dragon blood: -20% shoot cooldown

Dragon breaths: as of version 2.1 all drakian can use both grand fire breath and grand ice breath wich are two unique shouts only a drakian can learn inately.
The shouts are both teached to drakian character by a npc in the stormpeak named High priestess Rakatosk but require dragon souls to be used
Both breath have superior damage to their non drakian comparison as well as improved effect and are availlable only to drakian.

New words of power

Grand fire breath:
This shout create a huge fireball wich will push and burn your foe in a line

Ahn - Flare
Ehn - Cinder
Shaar - Incineration

Grand ice breath:
This shout create an ice orb wich will freeze and and encrust in ice for in a line if not potentialy paralise them

Foor - Ice
Raah - Freeze
Mhar - Blizzard


Destruction + 10
conjuration + 5
speech + 5
light armor + 5
alteration + 5
enchanting + 5

the drakians are a race i made out of an inspiration after trying the marshwalker mod by McGarnagle (always wanted a perfect humanlizard). They are basicaly dragonkin and as such have draconic related power.
This race use its own head texture and is so far unique on the nexus. have fun playing it
now since 4.0 you can craft wings for your drakian to wear in the back in the blacksmithing iron section (wings are animated)

A new town has been added in 5.0 wich adds drakian npc too the game and 4 new fellower. More Drakians are bound to show on thamriel in the future


bannered mare whiterun

temple of the divines solitude

a house in storm peak

a house in storm peak

REMINDER: if you like the mod please endorse it getting endorsement on a lizard like race is hard these days


for those of you who would rather use the marshwalker race by mcgarnagle there is a texture file you can use in the optionnal files


there is now a skyrim online rule compatible drakian file availlable on the nexus


a beast race beautifull CBBE and TnT compatible Textures - argonian version by watshisface for the purpose of a matching body for female

apachii skyhair

Custom race compatibility patch is necesary since version 3.0

RaceCompatibility for Dawnguard plus vanilla version upgrades (its recommanded to upgrade your race compatibility file with this especialy if you use dawnguard but the file will be included in future drakian package etc) If you use ufo or whataver else i definitively subjest you go download the correct version

To do:
make new body textures for male and female
make the drakian fly

Gimp for the program i used to make that lovely texture
Mcgarnagle for the base DDS from wich i worked
badgremlin for the wing ressource
TMPhoenix for his RaceCompatibility for Dawnguard plus vanilla version upgrades

about permission:

Before uploading anything from this mod please send me a letter so that i can see if it can be aproved or not. I approve by default

language translation
new quests including drakians

please take note drakian can be a tedious file to work with and that If you wanna make a fellower its at your own risk (Ive been asked for permission several time and so far none of the people who tried uploaded anything on the nexus)

Latest version:
new dracopyre skin color and eye
new quest: the ways of the dragon also include new voiced off drakanir some new music track wich will play in the storm peak and in drakian related dungeons + a totaly new shout and a finalised vampirism transition for drakian (dracopyre will have their scales turn white and their eyes turn red)
drakian childs are released in a defrent esp
May fix body tint color for fellowers and shout quest definitively also include a vampire lord fix package from TMPhoenix pls dont forget to endorse his mod for finaly fixing custom race vampire lord problems -Custom race DG fix-
drakian now is compatible with alternate starts! new shout quest wich doesnt involve incompatibility!
Drakian finaly can become vampire lord too but you will need to use the console to do it
Drakian shouts have been improved and updated