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Were you ever bothered by that chin form elfs that could have sunk the titanic? This preset could definitely save you some work :)

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I was a bit bugged by the chin from woodelfs... i mean, that chin definitely looks like it was the fault that the titanic sunk. :P
So here she is:
My female Bosmer Sri'Leyah.
Hope you guys like her!

I'm sorry for the "bad" quality of the newer Screenshots... i did them for myself and my Skyrim is not that highly modded in Textures :/


How to install: (I'll only do MO 'cause i only know how it works for it)
For MO, just take the ".jslot" into the folder "Presets".
Go into showracemenu/Start a new Game,
Set race to Woodelf (and gender to female obviously) and go to the presets tab, hit F9 to load a preset.
Select the one called "Sri'Leyah.jslot" and hit enter.

Mods in Screenshot(applies only for 1_0 screenshots):


Racemenu by Expired
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot
KJ Tattoos - Overlay Plugins for RaceMenu by Khajiitas
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
VS Medieval Archeress Dress by ViciousSARR
My Friend Aldreac who made some of those Screenshots for me