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A sexy lore-unfriendly based follower. Default place: Whiterun\'s Bannered Mare

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I was bored. I always admired Jarl Elisif's face, so I modified it a bit.
I forgot to mention in the original post that her default place is in Whiterun's Bannered Mare
This is my first modding experience ever, aside from nuking my favorite items' stats so that I'm godlike. Also, I apologize for the ridiculous video intro, it was my first-ever take with AE and I didn't have any resources or guides to see because my internet had crashed. It's pretty simple really, just a follower based on Elisif. Bear in mind that I removed Elisif's default clothes so my NPC, Erica, will spawn in your game naked. If you want her to have the same armor and cloak I used in the video, get the plugins I mentioned.

Credits/Mods used:

basskimm, for his incredible Girls of Skyrim mod.
TH3WICK3D1/McAngus(I don't know who :$)'s Blue Stripes Elite All Colors.
apachii, for his amazing ApachiiSkyHair.
cazy and zzjay, for Cazy hairs and demoness hairs conversion.
dimon99, for Dimonized UNP Body.NSFW
nivea, for Winter is Coming Cloaks.
BellaGail, for Better Females.