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This mod gives Ysolda a visual makeover, as well as giving her the ability to follow your character.

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Many moons ago, when Skyrim was still young, I heard Ysolda's plight and was touched by it. I sought out a Mammoth's Tusk and be-gifted it to her so that she find her way that much easier. Eventually my character wed her. She turned out to be my "go to" wife in most of my playthroughs in Skyrim.

Eventually I got a PC and I decided I'd give I'd dabble in simple modifications so that I could give Ysolda a little visual perk. It took me quite some time, but I got her appearance to where I was satisfied. Eventually though I started to feel bad. Lydia and I would go off gallivanting in some tomb miles away whilst my poor wife was stuck at home.

And that's how this mod came about. I've been testing and playing with it for the better part of two weeks months now, and I'd like to share the mod with anyone who may not be as technologically (in)competent as myself.

There is only one required modification to get this little tweak to work, and it is the standard ApachiiSkyHair by apachii.

Getting Ysolda to follow you is very standard, the same as marriage. Accept her quest to retrieve a Mammoth Tusk. Once completed, you will be able to ask her to follow you.

I have her set up as a Barbarian (Two Handed, Light Armor), as that's what the traditional Nord disposition is.

As far as physical changes are concerned, I used our beloved standard of ApachiiSkyHair to start off. Additionally, I took advantage of the facial structure of Nord Preset #2, along with some street-walker make up, as is the custom of 21 year old American Males such as I. Now, I'm sure that y'all have noticed the body enhancement. I was inspired by the I Love Cleavage CBBE modification by Bartolo71. I went through standard CBBE (by our beloved Caliente), onto Bodyslide CB Plus Plus by stuffed_bunny, ChronoTrigger77, and ousnius. I then created my own preset.

Note that this body alteration is NOT INCLUDED IN THE MODIFICATION AT THE CURRENT HOUR. I'm currently too incompetent to figure out how to implement it in the mod itself. Once I get my personal life in order I'll throw up my present and specific instructions so you kids can utilize it as I have, as that's pretty much the best I can do.

-Locate Ysolda

-Open the Console (by pressing the Tilde Key)

-Left click Ysolda

-Enter the following command into the console, "addfac 0005c84d 1"

-Press enter to add Ysolda to the follower faction. You should be good to go!

-For anyone using the mod Ysolda the Innkeeper by plunket:

-If you are installing my modification after using the Innkeeper mod, simply put my mod after the his in the load order.

-If you are installing the Innkeeper mod after mine, again make sure that my mod is after the Innkeeper mod in load order. DO NOT activate the Innkeeper mod until you've had Ysolda leave you as a follower, and if you've married her, had her return to her original home. I would then recommend activating the mod while you're, at the very least, in a cell somewhere outside of Whiterun.

-Finally, if you've done all of the above and go to the Bannered Mare and Ysolda is not there, do the following:

-Hit the tilde key (`)
-Type the following (without quotes), "player.placeatme 00013BAB"

-Ysolda will then appear and her brand spankin' new AI package will kick in. So now you've got her as an Innkeeper who can also follow you.

I wouldn't really recommend running both mods simultaneously, because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. But hey, go for it! What's the worst that could happen?

I made this mod for myself eons and eons ago using the SKYRIM NPC EDITOR. Which is alright, except that the BSA format is not something I necessarily trust. Version 1.0 utilized that. I decided that for the next version I'd scrap everything and go straight to Creation Kit for 2.0. Which is what I've done. I don't know a lot of modification utilizing the CC, but I know enough to make this, and that's about it. Bear with me while I learn the ins and out.

Mark Chesnutt is unrelated to this modification. But he is awesome.