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This is a collection of replacement esp files for Inhabitants of Skyrim to incorporate the fixes from the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.

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September 28, 2016 - Updated to USLEEP V. 3.0.6. Added Inhabitants of Skyrim V1 USLEEP and Cutting Room Floor compatible replacer esp.

This is a replacement esp file for Inhabitants of Skyrim NPC Overhaul version 1 (the one that requires all the Apachii Hair files) and version 3 (the one that uses only Vanilla hairs).

The version 3 edit was inspired by Dirty Weasel Media's 2016 Skyrim Modding Guide. Check him and his guide out, it's good.

The original file did not carry over fixed behavior packages, several character items, and quest fixes attached to the NPC's that are given cosmetic overhauls.

If you are using VERSION 1 you MUST install ApachiiSkyHair, including the optional ApachiiFemale and ApachiiMale files.
If you are using VERSION 3 you do not need to install ApachiiSkyHair or it's optional files.

1. Install the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.
2. If you are using Version 1, install ApachiiSkyHair and it's optionals listed above. Version 3 users proceed to the next step without installing Apachii.
3. Install Inhabitants of Skyrim NPC Overhaul
4. Install this mod.
a. Mod Organizer users can simply move the original Inhabitants of Skyrim esp to the optional section, delete it or just make sure mines below it in    the left pane.
b. Nexus Mod Manager users simply allow this mod to overwrite when asked.

I did not touch anything that had to do with appearance, all I did was transfer the technical stuff over from USLEEP to override the vanilla information in the Inhabitants of Skyrim esp.

If Your Having a Problem I Need to See:
Your load order.
What mod manager you are using.
What other NPC overhauls and patches you have installed.
Are you running RS Children Overhaul as well? Make sure RSkyrimChildren.esm is activated in your load order and that RS Children is loaded after any other NPC modifying additions in both the left and right pane of MO.
Are you running Immersive Weapons? Place any NPC overhauls after this mod.
Are you running Consistent Older People? This mod overwrites the NPC records of all the elders in Vanilla Skyrim. Either make a patch for it or do not use it if you want your NPC Overhauls to cover the elders in the game.

Without this information I can't help you in any way.


Oh, endorse USLEEP and tell Arthmoor and his team that they rock in the comments.