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A follower that I created myself for my own playthroughs. Also adds two new spells.

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  This mod is a result of a personal project of mine that I never originally planned to upload. After showing this mod to a few buddies, they wanted it as well and suggested that I upload it here. I spent about a good week tweaking and testing, tweaking and testing and tweaking some more. I even outright trashed the mod twice and started over. I'm not completely comfortable with it, but I have finally gotten it to function the way I want it to.


  • Scaling: Starts at lv12 and scales on a 1:1 ratio with PC from there.
  • Spells: Bound Sword, Great Resonant Soul (New Spell), Resonant Soul (New Spell)
  • Combat Style: Essentially a spell blade. She attacks like Serana except Myst has an energy (Hidden NPC Attribute) stat of 100 meaning she is constantly moving and will be hard for enemies to hit.
  • Essential: Yes. She cannot be killed by enemies or you. She will drop to one knee and 'bleed out' for a while when her health reaches zero and will then resume combat.


  • Great Resonant Soul: Does 500 damage (Ice but irresistible) and costs 100 magicka at base.
  • Resonant Soul: Does 100 damage (Ice but irresistible) and costs 50 magicka at base.
  • Both spells are destruction tree spells with VFX taken from around the game so they don't look like generic shit globs.


  • ApachiiSkyHair
  • Dawnguard
  • Dragonborn


  • Apachii for Myst's Hair
  • Bethesda for making a wonderful game and DLC's that I can waste my life on

Myst is located in the Dawnstar Barracks Prison. I was intending this to be part of her backstory but I got lazy and... yea... fuck it. She has both of the spell tomes for the new spells. Break her out of jail and get the tomes from her.