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An aesthetic overhaul of EVERY vampire NPC in the game, named and unnamed! No more bat noses or wrinkle faces!
This supports the idea that they are able to hide in plain sight and pass for regular people.
Also they look hott.

Permissions and credits

I remade every Vampire NPC in Skyrim.

All of them. New face, new hair, no more bat noses!
Around 140 evil blood-crazed NPC's lookin' hott, feelin' hott


* WITH the up-to-date Male & Female hair packs *
Main version 1.6+, Female Hair 1.5+, Male Hair 1.2+

Your game will crash horribly without ALL of these files!

This is a total remake from scratch of an older mod I made. The old one depended on "Vampire Texture Framework", but myself and many other users have been frustrated with VTF's edits to the vampire races, which don't work very well and
cause a lot of mod conflicts. The old version is still up, and still works, for those of you who really want vampire NPC's to
have a unique skin texture path. It's possible to do that without race edits, but I chose to keep it very simple this time. 

This version uses your default skin and eye textures, so it's compatible with any body mod you're using; I simply used pale
skin tints on the characters. My own eye textures - as seen in the screenshots - are available here as a separate download.

Alternate versions are available for users of Interesting NPC's and/or anybody who
would prefer not to change Serana. I realize there are many appearance mods available
just for that character, and also that some people simply prefer her original look.

For now there is NO "glowing eyes" version of this. Maybe later?
The idea was to make vampires NOT look like monsters!
My eye texture is designed for non-glowing eyes!

A patch is available for users who don't have Dawnguard...
Get it. It's good!

A patch is available for users who don't have ApachiiSkyHair...

Seriously though, do not ask me for a version without these requirements!
It takes quite a bit of work to edit this many NPC's, and now I've gone and done it twice!
Like an idiot!
I swear by however many divines there are, I won't do it a third time.

Chopping out all the Dawnguard characters wouldn't be THAT hard but seriously, if you care enough about vampires to have even
read this far in the f---ing description, go and buy the fantastic all-vampire expansion for this game before you do anything else.
I'm not gonna tolerate excuses here!

You have my permission to make your own mod that puts different hair on different NPC's! 


OK I lied. There are exactly two vampires I deliberately did not overhaul: 
Babette, because child mods conflict like crazy with each other, and Alva, because she is specifically disguised as a regular
person and has an entire town (and you?) fooled. I assume she does this by means of some kind of illusion magic, or maybe she drinks a really
extreme amount of blood. In the base game, she is NOT a vampire race, and out of respect for the developers' intent, I left her that way.
Hern and Hert, the Dark Brotherhood targets, are also incognito, but they must not be as good at it because they ARE vampire races. They got hotted.


Fangs are from BVFE - Better Vampire Fangs & Eyes by Aipex8.
Eye textures by me, but built from resources found in The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam.

Thanks to these mod authors for kindly allowing the rest of us to use their stuff, and thanks to Apachii for all the hair.

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