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Replaces the Conjure Dremora Lord with a female version.

Permissions and credits
This mod aims to replace the vanilla Summon Dremora Lord with a female version. Since summoned humans think they are zombies, I didn't include voices at this time, but I have released an edited female voicepack which you can find in the misc files.

Beware, this is only a beta test. It is my first time editing NPCs for other than personal use. Non-replacer and voiced version will be released as soon as I can integrate my edited voices. The base race used was Redguard for beauty purposes, I'll change it back to/release a new version for Dremora as soon as I work some issues with the hair.

The body and armor mods in the screenshots are not necessary nor included, it will have whatever body you have installed, only the hair is needed.

Anyone who wants to add screenshots with vanilla hairs or body mods, feel encouraged to do so, I'd appreciate it since right now I'm unable to do it.

Requires ApachiiSkyHair, but feel free to edit her appearance in the CreationKit. I recommend Bella's Better Females.

Feel free to post any bugs or incompatibilities in the comment section or PM me.

Change Log
-Fixed filepath issue

-Added more screenshots
-Edited NPC behaviour

-Face tint bug hopefully fixed

-Initial version

To Do List
-Add voices
-Standalone version
-Add lore-friendly version (with horns and more accurate face geometry)
-Add diversified summons (Mage, Ranger)