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This is a Preset in .jslot for RaceMenu. Rosaelia is one of my characters. I've make two version : the original and a recent version, a light Rosaelia. I hope that this character will please you and that you will make him to me understand !

Permissions and credits

This is a preset of one of my characters, for RaceMenu.
He is inspired by Succubus Preset by Poro Plush, but modify :

- Lips revisited
- Eyes and Make-Up worked again
- The lines of the face are finer and more feminine, less childish ( The original had of profile of the enormous cheeks to give a round aspect to the face, the final was good of face but displeased me of profile )
- The neck has replaced for my CBBE body.

( Bad superimposing of the textures of the neck with my CBBE body, this neck it's so good for me in CBBE. Bug with other body replacer or the original neck it worked for other body's? )

If you have any proposition, report, bug or other, you can write me.
I'm beforehand sorry,  i'm not to moddeur, i have no big knowledge, just a passionate player.

This file is for RaceMenu. I also advise to you ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer ( if you run Racemenu version 2.7 or higher you don't need ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer as it's integrated ).

For install this preset and can select him in the RaceMenu presets, put the .jslot in : Data\skse\plugins\CharGen\Presets.

I use for this preset and result :

( CBBE ) Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition
Detailed Bodies
- Detailed Lips
- High Quality Eyes
Apachii Sky Hair Female

For the White Rosaelia, i've add Tatoo's :

- THEHAG's Private Tatoo
- THEHAG's Private Wartattoos -Facial Waraints for Females
- Empyrean Warpaints - Custom Series ( Females )

/!\ If u'r installation need the Aurora.esp, i don't know why, but it's a file for a follower. Maybe cauz' i've take one part of the body for make Rosaelia.

- Aurora ( with aurora.esp file )

You can worked again in this Preset with you're RaceMenu, in particular with the tool of sculpture.
If the neck has a problem of texture with a other body replacer, you can remake then with the tool of sculpture.

If you have a bug ( or not ) with the haircut, you can change this for a new haircut, it's up to you, i propose only a basic model.
If you're Character has the blue foot, it's not a texture bug. See the foot colors in RaceMenu, you can have a color applicate.

In my personnals screens, i've use the Scarlet Down Armor, Crainte Vomir and Emfy Cleric Robes.

If you add screens of what you will have made of this preset, i would be satisfied.
If you want to encourage me and to help me, endorsements will show a little my work and i you will be grateful for it!

/!\ Because i'm a beginner in Modding, i need help by an expert for make a ECE and CharGen files, NMM files, and their test. Please, write i.

==> Pour les Français, voici ma liste complète de Mods utilisée sur Skyrim : Liste de Mods.

I want to thank :
- In everything those who will download, will leave me a comment or will like, even who will help me. I hope sincerely that my contents could please you.
- Poro Plush to have inspired in me this character
- The community of modding. With her, i do not still grow tired of Skyrim
- Bethesda Softworks for this infinity support of creation

        Rosaelia                                        Alysson - Sister of Aela