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Adds a random npc named Laxus Dreyer from Fairy Tail

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While Making my other mod, Fairy Tail followers, I tried to make a Laxus Dreyer follower. For some reason when I placed him in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun I couldn't find him anywhere. So I tried putting him in the Drunken Huntsman with the same results. So I just gave up and left the mod alone, but forgot to remove it from my load order. Imagine my surprise when I found him wandering around Morthal! 

So far I have found him in Morthal, in the Bannered Mare, and the Whiterun Stables. Considering I've seen him in the inn in Morthal and the inn in Whiterun, my best guess is that he is inn hopping around skyrim.

You can just pretend he's already been kicked out of Fairy Tail and is wandering skyrim in shame. 
He still makes snide comments though.

When installing, I honestly do not know where he will spawn. Continue checking inns in Skyrim (particularly in the evenings) and maybe you will find him. Meanwhile, I will try to find a pattern to his movements and let you know!

Apachii Sky hairs-

HIGHLY Recommended:
Better Males-
Otherwise will be Vanilla body and face
Please download these before commenting on the characters appearance -.-
There is a reason they are HIGHLY recommended.

Future Plans:
FairyTail Guild Tattoo
Fairytail Guild Mod
Custom Armor for Characters

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