Grommash and Garrosh hellscream and Times Change Main menu theme by Arturios
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I had a old Wallpaper for World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor and thought I should make it into a main menu screen, but then I needed a matching theme so here you go.

Music is from the album of Walords of Draenor Labeled "Times Change" it is also the same music played in the background for the itro cinematics for Warlords.
The Warchief of the Iron Horde Grommash Hellscream is uploaded he can be found in Rorikstead Frost Fruit Inn! He is using the Skyrim Yellow Orc Eyes, I am in contact with Crazylion for a fix of his Orcs Modified mods from which the eyes I was going to use are from.
to have him equip his Nose and Ear rings trade with him a take a item from his inventory and then just give it back and that should do it (same thing we need to be done on Garrosh when he is released)

If you choose to get Garrosh you need to also have Grommash his download has the orcs modified mod!!

Garrosh Can be found in Whiteruns Prison paying for his crimes at the Siege of Orgrimmar!! (that means he has no weapon or armor because he is a prisoner) you may chose you picklock him out or leave him there to rot the chose is your!

ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
CL's Gorehowl by Crazy Lion
CL's Orcs Modified INCLUDED IN THE Grommash Follower mod

you need to go to Tesalliance website and join the forum to download...
Orcish Horde Armors 1.0  by Ragna_Rok
and Warg Mounts 2.5
again by 

also recomended

Dragonbone Barbarian Armor - Male Edition by Shocky
Aesir Armor by Omesean

NOTE: I don't have a recording software so there is no in-game video. I have already tested it and it works!

I will be Making in the coming weeks two new followers 

(Former) King Varian Wrynn & King Anduin Wrynn

if you wish to know the reason I labeled Varian (Former) Watch the video Labeled a Tragic End in my video section of this mod
and then watch the video labeled "The Legion is in for it Now"