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An aesthetic overhaul for the game's witches, hags and necromancers, with improved faces, new hairstyles and some new outfits.

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The latest in my series of NPC overhauls, this one gives the game's
various evil witches and necromancers some hott new styles.


** WITH both of the up-to-date Male & Female hair packs **
Main version 1.6+, Female Hair 1.5+, Male Hair 1.2+

Your game will crash horribly without ALL THREE of these files!

Does not include custom textures; results may vary depending on your installed mods.

Why focus on these NPC's? Well, in the base game, a lot of witches/hags didn't even get hair at all.
Possibly because, before it was fixed by patches, their hoods did not hide their hair, and it created
clipping issues. Of course, not every witch wears a hood. (Their outfits are randomized.) Anyway, for
whatever reason, I ran into a lot of bald witches, and I didn't think that was very cool.
Witches are supposed to look wild and woolly!

I have used Apachii hairstyles to make them look properly witchy.
I also improved their faces by adjusting sliders and tints.
A few select characters also got new default outfits to mix their styles up a little,
and I renamed a couple of the more interesting-looking ones. 

As always, I was going for a good lore-friendly look and not at all trying
to turn them into supermodels, but they do generally look a little cuter.

Honestly there were not a ton of witch NPC's in the game, so it would have been kind of a small
project relative to my other ones, but I decided to flesh it out a little by also covering necromancers,
male and female. Maybe in the future I'll add onto it and try to update every generic wizard
in the game, but for now it's just witches and necromancers. I felt like they needed some love.

A little over 100 NPC's were changed.

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