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An updated custom face for Vilja

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NOTE: I've tried contacting Emma on the Vilja page, and I can't send her PMs, so if anybody would like to see this mod on the official Vilja page you may try to contact her. Unfortunately, due to the amount of traffic on the Vilja page I believe my comment was missed, and I don't really want to bug the Vilja team too hard to get this over there. 

Finally managed to contact Emma and get a response! This mod will soon be uploaded to the official Vilja in Skyrim page!

UPDATE: Mod is on Vilja's official page now! I'm keeping this up just so I have an extra copy lying around.

Last year I created a mod called "A Vilja Custom Face" which had some issues, particularly an issue where her eyes seemed to be bloodshot. Unfortunately, due to school as well as me forgetting the password to that Nexus account (woops :s) I was unable to fix any of the problems. This is an updated version of Vilja Custom Face that is essentially the same mod except I changed her eyes to brown.

You can find a guide on how to make your own face by googling "Guide to Customizing Vilja's face" on google.

ApachiiSkyHair Main
ApachiiSkyHair Female

Female Animation fixes

My original version of the face:
Fair Skin Complexion for CBBE
Adorable Faces

For Jad31te's version of the face:
SG Textures Renewal
New Face for SG Textures Renewal

Installation: Place the data folder into your Skyrim directory, or use MO, NMM, etc.