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Version :1.1

Date :09/14/2013

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UPDATE: Replaced the old eye texture that he used ( from Improved Eyes Skyrim - since this one isn't available on Nexus anymore) to a new one from The Eyes Of Beauty and repacked and uploaded it.


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  • Location
  • History
  • Upgrade
  • Known Issues and Bugs
  • Incompatibilities
  • Contact
  • Credits
  • Tools Used
  • Extra Tools
  • Manual Installation
  • Nexus Mod Manager Installation
  • Manual Uninstallation
  • Nexus Mod Manager Uninstallation
  • Mod Dependencies
  • Future Plans
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Tired of all those old, beat up looking male followers in Skyrim? Wishing you had some nice
eyecandy to stare at while you are out on your adventures? Looking for that "Knight in
Shining Armor"?? Then look no further, this is the mod you have been looking for!



This mod places a unique follower named Danicus, an Imperial Battlemage, into The Frozen Hearth Inn, in Winterhold. He uses Heavy armor, lots of fire spells, a couple ice spells, a couple lightning spells, and some healing spells. He is hireable and marriageable and should be compatible with multiple follower mods, such as UFO, Followers Can Relax, etc.

Please let me know if you have any problems with installing or using this mod.

This Project is a continual work in progress, I will be adding more companions, I hope to
eventually make them standalone mods, and to combine all the followers into one mod at some
point. I also hope to possibly create some unique armors and textures in the future as my skill with modding increases.

Future Compaions - works in progress
A Battlemage -DONE!
Sword and Shield Warrior - DONE!
A 2h Beserker
An Assassin
A Ranger - Work In Progress
A Spellsword
A Necromancer
A Dualwielding Weaponmaster


The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold



v1.1 ...Removed Improved Eyes Skyrim mod for his eyes (they aren't available on Nexus
anymore) and replaced it with The Eyes Of Beauty. Improved his perks and spells a little
to make him more effective. Changed his combat style from CombatMageDestruction, to
CombatSorcerer so that he will now improve his heavy armor skill as he should.
v1: ...initial release


How to Upgrade Safely


1. Load game ==> Fire all followers ==>Save ==>Quit game

2. Uncheck Danicus.esp and Danicus.bsa from NMM and/or from game launcher ==>Load the save from
step 1 ==>Save again ==>Quit

3. Delete Danicus.esp and Danicus.bsa From Skyrim/Data

4. Copy and paste the new version of Danicus.esp and Danicus.bsa to Skyrim/Data folder ==> Load
Game ==> Play!

Known Issues and Bugs

UFO ( And most like all multi follower mods -- thought I've only tested with UFO)

- Can't hire more than one follower at a time.

---This occurs because NPC Editor can't set currentfollowerfaction to -1 (As it
doesn't allow setting negative numbers)


No Known Incompatibilities


Please send a PM to me (NWelf) on the Nexus Forums if you have any questions,
concerns, or problems with the mod



Apachii - Apachii Sky Hair (

-For their awesome male hairstyles, finally the guys get some nice do's too!

Missjennabee - Improved Eyes Skyrim ( -For their
awesome eye textures. **No longer available on Nexus (new eye replacement listed below)

LogRaam - The Eyes of Beauty ( - For the new eye
texture replacement (which is taking the place of Improved Eyes Skyrim)

Chris57 - Better Males - Beautiful Nudes and Faces (

-For the Sundracon Body, meshes and textures. And the Younger Faces Merged with Men By
Geonox, face meshes and textures.

Geonox - Hi-Res Face Maps For Men ( -For Arro's
gorgeous face.

Urshi - Fine Face Textures and Smooth Male Body - textures for Better Males - SOS Schlongs of
Skyrimby urshi

-Fine Face Textures (

-Smooth Male Body (

Regn - HQ Beards - Vanilla texture replacers (light version + light eyebrows + more eyebrows

-For much nicer looking beards and eyebrows.

Jaysus - Jaysus Swords - (

DoctorPepper - Tribunal Robes Set - (

The Goddess ENB - (

Bandolier - Bags and Pouches by Dragten - (

If I have forgotten to give credit to anyone, please pm me and let me know and I will add you to the list.

Manual installation


For manual install: Drag and drop the Data folder to your Skyrim folder in (Program Files
(x86)/Steam/Steam apps/common/SKYRIM)

**Be sure to place this mod AFTER any multi-follower mods in your load order, such as UFO, Horses For Followers, Followers Can Relax, etc.

Nexus Mod Manager Installation

For NMM: Download and install through NMM

Manual Uninstallation

Please follow the Safe Upgrade Instructions listed elsewhere in this readme. But
just stop after the delete Danicus.esp and Danicus.bsa . Then just load game and make a new save.

Nexus Mod Manager Uninstallation

Please follow the Safe Upgrade Instructions listed elsewhere in this readme. But
just stop after the delete Danicus.esp and Danicus.bsa . Then just load game and make a new save.

Tools Used:

  • Creation Kit: Downloadable on the steam network.
  • 7Zip

Extra Tools Used

Skyrim NPC Editor -

TESVsnip -

And the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game itself for testing.

Mod Dependencies

Apachii Sky Hair - by Apachii
(both the main ESM and the Males ESM)

Future Plans

Plan to make Danicus into a standalone mod, so that you won't have to constantly be
downloading a bunch of extra mods. And update the description page.

Recommended Mods

  • aMidianBorn Book of Silence by CaBaL -
  • ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii -
  • Bandolier - Bags and Pouches by Dragten -
  • Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul -
  • Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition by Caliente - http://
  • Cloaks of Skyrim by Noodles -
  • Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi -
  • Flan's Eyes for Skyrim by DarNilavu - - Also
  • Available on the Steam Workshop
  • JaySuS Swords by JaySuS -
  • Omegared99 - Armor Compilation by Omegared99 -
  • RaceMenu by Expired -
  • SKSE -
  • SkyUI by SkyUI Team -
  • Smooth Male Body - textures for Better Males - SOS Schlongs of Skyrim by Urshi -http://
  • The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam -
  • The Goddess ENB by Anaphiel -
  • The Well Dressed Mage by Earrindo -
  • UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul by fLokii -
  • Winter Is Coming - Cloaks by Nivea -
  • WyldTats Warpaint Edition by Wyldsong -
  • This is just a small list - there are a ton of awesome mods out there, so go explore!!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What face-body-textures have I used in the screenshots?...


Face: Younger Faces Merged with Men By Geonox - (

Face: HQ Beards - Vanilla texture replacers by Regn - (

Body: Better Males - Beautiful Nudes and Faces- Sundracon Body (http://

Face: Fine Face Textures by Urshi -

Body: Smooth Male Body - textures for Better Males - SOS Schlongs of Skyrim - http://

2. I have those face mods listed above but my characters still not look as
in your screenshots, why? ...


To make my characters and their hair look as good as possible I use an ENB mod by Anaphiel.

The Goddess ENB (

3. Why do I have duplicates of the hair this mod uses in the
showracemenu?? ...


This mod was made with the NPC Editor, so the apachii mod makes a duplicate of the hair used

for this mod in the showracemenu.

4. The mod isn't working, I can't find follower in The Frozen Hearth, how do I fix


- Make sure you installed the mod correctly - See Install instructions

- Make sure you checked Danicus.esp in the game launcher under data files.

- Make sure you don't have any other that might conflict with this one.

*For example another follower mod that places the follower at The Frozen Hearth.

5. Why can't I activate your esp file in the Skyrim launcher, the Data files
option is greyed out?...


If you can't select files in the launcher go to - Documents\My Games\Skyrim

- Open SkyrimPrefs.ini

- In the text look for


bEnableFileSelection=1 (if this is 0 change it to 1)

6. The follower is naked when I go to hire him at The Frozen Hearth, how do I fix


This is a problem with the NPC Editor, when a default outfit is not chosen. To fix it,
just hire him as usual, then ask to trade something, hand him anything, armor, weapon,
potion, and he will auto dress, with the armor and weapons that I have placed in his inventory.

(had to do it this way cause for some unknown reason when I set a default outfit, when I
try to hire him ingame, I cant talk to him at all, not sure why). I will be working on this
and hope to have it fixed in the near future.

Or if you are using UFO you can tell him to dress better, or use the "you are naked"
dialogue to get him to dress using the armor and weapons he has in his inventory.

7. Help, I can't find Improved Eyes Skyrim anywhere on Nexus ...


Improved Eyes Skyrim is no longer available on the Nexus. Rest assured version 1.1 of the
Danicus mod uses a new eye texture replacement mod, called The Eyes Of Beauty, and is no longer
dependent on Improved Eyes Skyrim.

Legal and Licensing

Please ask permission before altering, using my mod in another mod, or reuploading an
altered version of the mod. And please give credit to me for the original mod if you do.

Danicus is my own creation, but the other mods used in his creation belong to those mod authors
and you must also obtain their permission as well in regards to their content.

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Special Thanks

Special Thanks go to kaix346for all of the awesome and helpful advise, and wonderful tutorials, without which I would have been totally lost
and still banging my head on the desk trying to figure out how to make this mod lol!

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